Why Did Trisha Leave 'Frenemies'? Plus, Is the Podcast Canceled Forever?

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Jun. 10 2021, Updated 12:45 p.m. ET

Trisha Paytas
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On Tuesday, June 8, 2021, Trisha Paytas announced that they will no longer appear on Frenemies, the hit H3H3 Productions podcast they have co-hosted with fellow YouTube sensation Ethan Klein since the fall of 2020.

Trisha — who uses they/them pronouns — made the announcement on the same day that "Talking About Gabbie Hanna," a particularly heated episode of the Frenemies podcast, was uploaded to YouTube. So, what's going on? Is Frenemies going to get canceled?

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Trisha announced that they were leaving 'Frenemies' only recently.

Trisha took to YouTube to share an unexpected update with their followers on June 8, 2021, shortly after the hotly debated Frenemies episode was taped.

"I had a lot of anxiety yesterday and a lot of anxiety this morning," Trisha explained. "I slept on it, and even before sleeping on it I had this feeling in my heart that I need to step away from Frenemies and it's really with a heavy heart that I say that."

Trisha Paytas
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"A lot of people were upset by my little episode yesterday and I usually wake up the next morning feeling regret for the way I acted," Trisha added. "Last night I talked to Ethan and he was saying that the crew was really upset with me [...] Even before all that, before the crew thing, before the episode went up, there was a lot of things I didn't feel right about."

Trisha and Ethan had an explosive fight during the shooting of the latest episode of Frenemies. Things started to spiral out of control just as Trisha finished sharing their series of observations about Brokeback Mountain, a 2005 romance drama about two cowboys who fall in love, starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.

"You're so not good about this," Trisha confronted Ethan after spotting that he got too distracted by the pizza they ordered to listen to their remarks.

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In a moment of anger, Trisha told Ethan — who founded H3H3 Productions with his wife Hila — that Frenemies wasn't up to the highest standards.

"A lazy podcast? You don't do anything for it. You just show up. We do all the work," said Ethan.

It was at this point that the conversation turned into a fight, with Trisha and Ethan listing the production-related issues they were struggling to see eye to eye on. Later on in the argument, Trisha brought up Ethan and his wife Hila's pregnancy announcement — which is when all hell broke loose.

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Trisha, who also accused Ethan of recycling topics between this podcast and other H3H3 programming, said: "I'm happy to talk about [the pregnancy], I'm happy for you guys, but to say we don't recycle things, it's like, you know, you do, and it's fine," Trisha said. "But don't make it the same title, 'cause it's not an announcement when we're talking about your pregnancy."

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"Just the fact that it's a pregnancy announcement again when it's not a pregnancy announcement because I'm not pregnant," Trisha said, later adding: "It wasn't an announcement, you announced it on H3 Live."

Trisha also questioned whether the revenue made on the videos is being distributed fairly. Trisha ended up leaving the taping before they wrapped.

Is 'Frenemies' canceled?

Evan took to Twitter to announce the cancellation of Frenemies shortly after Trisha's YouTube video went out.

"Not sure what to do with 4,000 Frenemies hoodies," he joked. He later implied that the show is canceled for good.

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Ethan went on to post and then delete additional tweets about the drama between him and Trisha.

"OK I’m starting to get upset about all of this," he wrote in one tweet that has since been deleted. "Our crew is getting hate from Trisha’s fans on their personal accounts and I am losing my cool. The crew has done nothing but support [Trisha's] and work their a**es off every week and the treatment they get is unacceptable."

"While Trisha keeps complaining about money, every single cent I’ve ever made from Frenemies is tied up in Frenemies merch that doesn’t come out for another month – of which [Trisha] will still get 50 percent of the profits," he went on to write. "Paid for, designed, produced by us. And I am treating [Trisha] unfairly…"

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Ethan ultimately deleted most of the Tweets about Trisha and said that he was going to "take a step back" from the drama. The next day, he waded back into the fray with a new episode of the H3 Podcast:

Then Trisha made a trilogy of YouTube videos all about "Ethan's lies" from that episode. Since then, the drama has only continued to unfold, and it's not looking good for fans of Frenemies who are hoping Trisha and Ethan will reconcile. However, let's not forget that this isn't Trisha and Ethan's first fight. Maybe, maybe, maybe, there's still a possibility that they could make up. Potentially.

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