YouTube Rewind 2019 Is Being Called the Worst One Yet

Shannon Raphael - Author

Dec. 6 2019, Updated 3:07 p.m. ET

Source: YouTube

Even though YouTube is the biggest streaming platform in the world, with billions of videos streamed daily, the site has its bad days. In 2010, YouTube Rewind was created, with videos showing the top trends and most popular moments each year. The videos are meant to be a capsule of sorts for what content was popular at the time. 

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YouTube Rewind 2018 was loathed by the internet, as the most "disliked" video of 2018, with more than 17 million thumbs down. YouTube issued an apology for upsetting viewers, promising that future editions would be better. 

YouTube didn't exactly fulfill their promise, though. With the release of YouTube Rewind 2019, viewers are saying it's far worse than any past year. So, why is YouTube rewind so bad? Read on to find out what exactly angered viewers, and for some of the best tweets on the matter.

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Why is YouTube Rewind so bad?

After YouTube's apology that their Rewind videos would get better, viewers had high expectations for the 2019 one. With the end of the decade approaching, many thought that the video would also include a summary of the top videos of the decade. But, the five and a half minute video didn't deliver.

"In 2018, we made something you disliked. So, in 2019, let's see what you did 'like.' Because you're better at this than we are," the video begins. 

Source: YouTube
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The video goes on to show snippets of popular vloggers, including Jenna Marbles and NikkieTutorials. The video then pans to a countdown list of the most liked videos of the year, including Shane Dawson's Conspiracy palette reveal at No. 10, James Charles' "No More Lies" video at No. 7, PewDiePie's wedding in second, and Mr. Beast's "Make this the Most Liked Video on YouTube 2019" coming in at the top spot. 

 Other stats included the Top 10 most-liked songs of the year, including " Earth" by Lil Dicky at, Ariana Grande's "7 Rings," Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road," and the Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes duet, "Senorita," which was ranked first. 

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There were also countdowns including the Top 5 dance videos, the most viewed video games, the top beauty videos, the most popular new creators, and the creators who were viewed the most frequently. The video finished with a collection of some of the records that were broken this year. 

Viewers were not thrilled with the statistics' focus of this year's video, and the way the compilations resembled videos.

Source: YouTube
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Some pointed out that the production value for the video seemed low, and that it looked like the creators didn't spend much time putting it together. 

Fans were also upset that content creator Etika, who passed away in June of 2019, wasn't included in the video at all, despite having popular videos and a multitude of subscribers.

Others commented that the video made it appear as if the company didn't want to put forth that much effort following the response from 2018.

The 2018 video featured Will Smith and other popular YouTubers and personalities. There was a sketch storyline in the video, with the guest stars saying what they each wanted to see in a YouTube Rewind. That video was criticized because viewers said the interactions looked forced and awkward.

Of course, we now know how viewers reacted to a less imaginative YouTube Rewind.

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Source: YouTube

These are some of the best YouTube Rewind tweets.

Unsurprisingly, in addition to the millions of dislikes the video has already gotten since its Dec. 5 release, viewers took to Twitter and the comments section to air their grievances. Below are some of the best ones (out of the thousands).

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YouTube even got in on the fun by posting their Top 10 funniest comments.

With the 2018 and 2019 reactions to YouTube Rewind being as negative as they are, hopefully the video site can figure out what viewers want in time for the 2020 video. 

You can watch the 2019 YouTube Rewind here, and compare it to the 2018 one here.

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