Woman Made a Dentist Appointment for a Man She’s Only Known for 3 Weeks

One woman took her role in a man’s life a little too far and claimed that she scheduled him for teeth cleaning three weeks into their relationship.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Sep. 15 2023, Published 2:33 p.m. ET

In early 2023, the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days celebrated its 20th anniversary after being released in theaters on Jan. 27, 2003. For those not versed in the rom-com world, the movie stars Kate Hudson, a writer who uses her “how-to” column to make one lucky man’s life a nightmare. However, the man in question is the ultra-charming Matthew McConaughey, so the movie inevitably ends with Kate falling head over heels for him and vice-versa.

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While Kate and Matthew’s characters got their happy ending, her clingy antics likely wouldn’t have worked on a real-life potential partner. In July 2023, one TikTok user shared how she “FOR SURE” lost a guy she liked when she took it upon herself to make him a dentist appointment after just three weeks of dating!

Keep reading to see how the woman’s beau reacted to her “wifey-like” gesture.

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A woman pranked a man she was dating by telling him she made him a dentist appointment.

Initially, dating is all about getting to know one another and discovering the person’s likes and dislikes. At three weeks, many couples typically know each other’s sleep schedules, coffee order, and maybe even their favorite movie. What should definitely not be happening is the blossoming couple taking care of each other’s health concerns.

I’m assuming Jackie, who goes by @jackie2saints on TikTok, knows very well that making health checkup appointments for a new partner is a big dating no-no. However, it makes great content, so she and her friend decided to prank a guy she was interested in by pretending to make him a dentist appointment.

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During the hilarious prank call, Jackie put her potential boyfriend on speakerphone and said she “forgot” to tell him she decided to book him for teeth cleaning with her dentist since she was getting one herself. Although Jackie seemed excited about the appointment, her beau was less enthusiastic. After informing Jackie, “I’mmma f--- you up,” he also mentioned he “hates the dentist.”

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As the man keeps talking, Jackie mutes herself on and off so she can laugh at the ridiculousness freely. When she’s back on the line with the guy she’s dating, though, she keeps it together and tells him the appointment is “Tuesday at 1:30” and says she “assumed” he would “flex” his schedule to make it that day. The poor guy is still just as confused as when the call began and revealed, “I don’t even have medical insurance,” and hasn’t had any “in years.”

The man’s lack of insurance reveal takes Jackie and her friend down, with the friend urging Jackie to “abort mission.” He then wonders why she made the appointment in the first place and asks if she was “saying my teeth are falling out?”

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Jackie laughs again, says she’s just being “proactive,” and thinks he deserves the best dental care. She also mentioned that her fancy dentist once appeared on the early 2000s reality show The Swan.

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The TikToker’s followers believed she was dating “a keeper” after hearing his reaction.

Due to her future boo’s lack of medical insurance, Jackie said she would keep him posted about his dentist appointment. Before they got off the call, he snarkily asked Jackie if she “made any other plans for me” regarding his checkups. Jackie said no and agreed to see him the following weekend.

Underneath Jackie’s video, the TikTok user received tons of comments from others who felt her prank was too funny and that Jackie may have a keeper on her hands.

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“And he still ends it with ‘will I see you this weekend?’ hahaha he’s into you,” one commenter wrote.

“The way he picked up IMMEDIATELY 🥰,” a second user noted.

“He passed the vibe check. Hoping the algorithm brings me back for this relationship update 😍,” shared another commenter.

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Several days after sharing her initial TikTok, Jackie revealed, “Mr. ‘I haven't had medical insurance’ in years.” In the video, the pair enjoyed a day at the golf course and looked adorable in their golf attire.

Unfortunately, the cute moments didn’t last, as Jackie confirmed in the comments that they parted ways for reasons that had nothing to do with her dentist prank.

“We’re unfortunately not hanging out anymore,” Jackie said in a reply to one of her TikTok followers in September 2023. “But it was really nice/sweet while it lasted 🫶🏽.”

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