Woman Posts Embarrassing Video of Boyfriend After Catching Him Cheating on Her

One woman posted a revenge video that she has of her boyfriend because he was cheating on her. We break down the embarrassing video inside.

Allison Hunt - Author

Oct. 12 2023, Published 9:31 p.m. ET

When a person is in a happy, loving relationship, it's very normal to document their love through photos and videos on their phone. Some of these moments were originally for the memories and were never supposed to see the light of day, but it's always fun to look back at them and laugh.

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However, when that relationship ends, it's normal to delete all evidence that the person ever existed. We personally have clocked many a breakup based on someone's wiped social media page.

And those once adorable embarrassing videos? Deleted forever... unless the ex cheated. And then they are blasted on TikTok for all to see. At least that's what happened when one woman's revenge video on her cheating boyfriend went viral. Let's break it down.

A woman’s revenge video of her cheating boyfriend has gone viral!

The video was posted by @scorpio.princessxo, also known as Bebe, and has 8.5 million views, 1.8 million likes, and 5,628 thousand comments. The video reads, "Told him I'd never post this, but he also told me he'd never cheat so." If that ain't the most Scorpio thing then we don't know what is.

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The video shows Bebe and her ex-boyfriend doing the Linda and Heather dance trend from TikTok. The caption for the video is, "Was going through my drafts and screamed #thankfullyNOT #togetherforever," clearly making a joke at the part in the song that goes "together forever."

In case you forget, the Linda and Heather dance trend is set to the Linda and Heather theme song from the Disney Channel original TV show starring Dove Cameron, Liv, and Maddie. The trend went viral around September 2021.

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Not only are Bebe and her ex-boyfriend performing the whole dance in its entirety, but they are both wearing face masks (not the COVID kind but the skin care kind) which makes the entire TikTok that much more savage. We mean, at least his face is hidden.

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Also, the idea of Bebe teaching her ex-boyfriend this dance is truly hilarious. He's honestly kind of killing it, not that this matters since he's dead to us. You can also tell that he is enjoying himself even though he's pretending not to.

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Sadly there is no story time yet for this TikTok, which we are sure Bebe will want to spill the tea to capitalize on her newfound fame. But until then, let's see what the people have to say about her savagery now shall we?

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Multiple people commented hoping the video would go viral saying things like, "This needs to go viral," MAKE IT VIRAL THIS DUDE NEEDS TO BE SEEN," and "This better go viral."

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Other people are commenting on how savage this was of Bebe to post saying things like, "Oh she ate and left no crumbs, She woke up and chose violence," and "HERE FOR THE TEA."

We too are always here for the tea. We are praying that the TikTok gods and the algorithm will bring us back for the story time, or even better when Bebe receives texts from he who must not be named begging her to take the video down.

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