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The sitcom American Housewife centers on the daily life of Katie Otto, a wife and mother of three, who lives in Connecticut. Katie, her husband, Greg, and their kids Taylor, Oliver, and Anna-Kat, stand out in the affluent neighborhood as renters of their modest home.

Katie's friends Doris and Angela also make frequent appearances on the comedy series. 

Network: ABC

First Episode Date: October 11, 2016


Where to Watch: Hulu

Latest American Housewife News and Updates

  • American Housewife Season 5 finale

    Following the Season 5 Finale of 'American Housewife,' Viewers Wonder if the Show Is Over

    After the Season 5 finale of 'American Housewife' aired, people wondered if that meant the end of the sitcom. Here's what to know.
    By Gina Vaynshteyn
  • Katy Mixon as Katie Otto in 'American Housewife'

    Katie's Friend Group Underwent Some Changes on 'American Housewife' Season 5

    What happened to Katie's friends on 'American Housewife'? Katie lost an old friend in Season 5 of 'American Housewife.' She also made new ones.
    By Leila Kozma
  • Julia Butters and Giselle Eisenberg

    Anna-Kat Might Look a Little Different on 'American Housewife'

    'American Housewife' fans noticed a new actress playing Anna-Kat in the Season 5 premiere, and some wonder why the original actress was replaced.
    By Chrissy Bobic
  • Carly Hughes

    'American Housewife' Star Carly Hughes Exits Series, Claims "Toxic Environment"

    What happened to Angela on 'American Housewife'? Actress Carly Hughes exits sitcom claiming "toxic environment" and "discrimination."
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Oliver Otto

    Oliver's Sexuality on 'American Housewife' Continues to Be a Mystery for Fans

    Oliver's sexuality on 'American Housewife' has been a plot point before, but fans are still wondering whether the character is gay.
    By Joseph Allen
  • Ali Wong

    Could Ali Wong Be the Next 'American Housewife' to Leave the Show?

    Comedian and actress Ali Wong's star keeps rising, but with the departure of other 'American Housewife' co-stars, is Ali going to be leaving next?
    By Anna Garrison
  • Ali Wong

    Ali Wong Appeared in Several Episodes of 'American Housewife' via Video Call — Why?

    Why is Doris not in person on 'American Housewife'? Ali Wong, the actress portraying Doris, appeared in several episodes via FaceTime calls.
    By Leila Kozma
  • Oliver (Daniel DiMaggio) and Cooper (Logan Pepper)

    This Is What Really Happened to Cooper's Money in 'American Housewife'

    How did Cooper lose his money on 'American Housewife’? He made a tough decision and chose to try something new and unexpected. Keep reading.
    By Leila Kozma
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