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Instagram Deleted Woman's Transformation Photo, But People Still Love Her Story

Instagram Deleted Woman's Transformation Photo, But People Still Love Her Story
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Updated 1 year ago

NSFW filters on social media are great. There's nothing worse than searching for a Spongebob meme and then seeing some Nicktoons Rule 34 you weren't mentally prepared for all of sudden pop up on your screen.

But sometimes, the filters can be a bit too aggressive and material that shouldn't be blocked ends up filtered. Or even more annoyingly, when whoever is policing social media photos ends up blocking something that clearly shouldn't be blocked, while other people who upload similar images are left untouched.

And then there are some image bans that won't just leave you annoyed, but utterly confused.

Apparently someone reported her photo and Instagram blocked it without so much as a second thought.
Somebody took their time to report this photo and have it deleted. I think it sucks that people express negativity toward something with only positive intentions, BUT that's why we peeps full of love and light get to make a difference✨💗 Never let worldly pessimism or judgement prevent you from living your life and celebrating what you've done with it. So yeah, I've lost over 110 pounds and I think I look pretty freakin bomb in a bathing suit on the beach, and that's after a lifetime of letting insecurities hold me back from experiencing life. Yes I'll continue to wear a full face of makeup to the beach and yes, I'll continue to be DAMN proud of who I've worked so hard to become✌🏼#teamlosing Both 👙 from @torridfashion 
Morgan is still aiming to drop another 30lbs, but says that obsessing over numbers on a scale are the least of her worries now.

Morgan managed to repost her original photo with the new caption, and now it stands at over 17,000 likes. A reminder that she's not on her journey to healthier living alone, and that she's come a hell of a long way.

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