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These BFFs Play 'The Floor Is Lava' In Public And It's Hilarious

These BFFs Play 'The Floor Is Lava' In Public And It's Hilarious
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1 year ago

If you were ever a kid, chances are you played the game casually known as, "the floor is lava."

I mean you could enjoy the game anywhere. When you were really young, you probably jumped on furniture to avoid a horrible, lava-induced imaginary death.

As you got slightly older, you probably started taking to the playground, or hopped from different color tile to different color tile in the grocery store. As long as you didn't touch the ground, YOU WERE WINNING.

BFFs Kevin Freshwater and Jahannah James decided to revive the iconic children's game and it looks fun as hell.

They play the game by announcing that "the floor is lava" and the other person has a few seconds to get to higher ground and avoid being burned alive.

It's pretty incredible to see their facial expressions once the announcement is made: it dawns on them what they must do and backing down isn't an option.

It really doesn't matter where they are.

Five seconds is all the time they have.

It's about time we bring this back.

What say you?

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