The "Air Mattress Ashley" TikTok Meaning Explained: Married Women Get the Last Laugh

Melissa Willets - Author

Feb. 21 2023, Published 11:33 a.m. ET

First the name Karen was put on notice. Now, if your name is Ashley, you are being dragged through the mud on TikTok. A new trend calls out single women for tempting married men, calling them “air mattress Ashleys.” But marrieds are having the last laugh, turning the sexy come ons around to school the Ashleys about just how hard it can be to have a husband.

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Here’s what the hilarious “air mattress Ashley” TikTok meaning really is all about. Trust us — you’re going to be glad you paused for a moment to unpack this one; pun intended.

What is the meaning of “air mattress Ashley” on TikTok?

As TikTok creator Amy Frankly explains, so-called “pick me girls” are now being called “air mattress Ashley” on social media. Basically, single women post videos of themselves dancing temptingly to the song "Last Night" by Morgan Wallen, and tell married men that if their wives aren’t treating them right, the guys should come on over.

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The air mattress reference has to do with how the women are cheaper versions of the wives, who may be more like luxe king beds, even if they just want to sleep in the high-thread-count sheets. But while you might think that the married women who see the TikTok videos feel threatened, in fact, many wed creators have turned the trend on its head and instead, are telling the “air mattress Ashleys” that they can go ahead and have at it!

Married women are packing their husbands’ bags for the Ashleys.

Many formerly-single ladies say “air mattress Ashley,” who might entice a hubby with the offer of cold beer and appeal to his frustration that his wife isn’t “in the mood,” is welcome to their spouses!

In one hilarious stitched video, a married woman named Katie Miller has her man’s bags packed, and is instructing the Ashley on how much work is takes to, well, take care of her husband, with his migraines and lack of knowledge of how a washing machine works, or a kitchen, for that matter.

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Another creator by the name of Lady Strange 91 shared a macabre take on the “air mattress Ashley” trend, ultimately putting her late husband’s urn outside the front door with his luggage.

“She has the easy job,” the creator commented about the Ashley who is taking over her wifely duties, adding, “He doesn’t need help showering or eating or using the bathroom or walking anymore." Then, she sadly confessed, "I do miss caring for him tho.”

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Meanwhile, yet another married woman on TikTok showed her husband a single woman’s “air mattress Ashley” video, and he looked disgusted, leading her to conclude that the tempting TikToks are not having the effect the Ashleys may have hoped for.

Finally, as one last unthreatened wife proclaimed in her stitched video of an "air mattress Ashley" looking to steal her man, she is fine with the arrangement as long as Ashley promises to take their kids on as well. But the creator later joked in the comments, "Hubby said no, I’m stuck with him and all the kids… I TRIED DANG IT."

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