‘Unexpected’: Tyra Says Alex Chose Her Over the Birth of His Supposed New Baby

Alex from ‘Unexpected’ has a new baby in his life, but girlfriend Tyra isn’t sure the other woman’s baby is actually his, as TLC viewers have seen.


Jun. 12 2022, Published 12:07 p.m. ET

If you’ve watched Unexpected Season 5 on TLC, you’ve seen some highs and lows in Alex Wilson and Tyra Boisseau’s relationship. Alex and Tyra moved in together, for starters, but then Alex struck up another relationship with another woman, and now Unexpected viewers have seen that Alex has a new baby, apparently.

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“When me and Alex first moved in together, things were good between us,” Tyra explained in one episode this season. “We were just so happy to get on our feet together, get a house, pay our bills on time, Alex has a job. And then, I don’t know, it just recently started going backwards, like, two months ago, when he told me he was seeing someone else.”

And now that someone else — or maybe a different someone else! — has welcomed a baby that is supposedly his…

Tyra cast doubt on the paternity when Alex’s “little friend” was “supposedly now pregnant by him.”

In one clip from this season, Tyra drops off her and Alex’s daughter, Layla, with Alex’s grandmother while she flew to Maryland to be with her pregnant younger sister, Tierra.

“I’d rather be leaving Layla with her father, but that’s not happening, just because Alex hasn’t come back from his little trip to Texas,” Layla told viewers.

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And it sounded like she wasn’t sure Alex’s pregnant girlfriend was actually pregnant with his baby. “He’s there to see his little friend, who is supposedly now pregnant by him,” she said. “He’s been there for about a week, and it’s hard to wake up with Layla or go to bed with her, and she’s like, ‘Is Daddy sleeping with us?’ It’s like, ‘Not tonight.’ But, you know, I don’t know.”

Alex’s mom, Julie, said in that episode that she didn’t “agree with him cheating” on Tyra. “Alex has got his head up his butt right now, and possibly [got] another girl pregnant,” she said. “I’m not happy about it, especially when it’s so far away. I mean, when are you going to see a child that’s so far away from you? And then if you dplan on moving, then what are you going to do about Layla here? So, like, it’s kinda, you’re stuck in the middle now.”

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A woman named Hanna shared photos of Alex with a newborn, but Tyra says Alex stayed with her instead of attending the baby’s birth.

As TV Shows Ace reports, a woman named Hanna showed off photos of Alex with a newborn baby in her Instagram Stories. Hanna captioned one pic, “Back to [Kentucky] he goes.”

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Tyra sounded off about the other woman’s childbirth in last week’s Unexpected reunion episode, saying that woman scheduled the birth of her baby on Layla’s birthday, coincidentally or not. “She did have the kid, and if the baby is his, I know that I will never be able to share him as a father,” Tyra said. “She told Alex she was getting induced, actually on Layla’s birthday.”

And Tyra reported that Alex stayed with her for their daughter’s birthday and missed the other child’s birth. “I told him, I said, if you go down there, then that’s it. And he chose me, so…”

Catch Unexpected Season 5’s “Tell All Part 2” episode tonight, Sunday, June 12, at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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