Wait, What Podcast Did 'Selling the OC' Star Alex Hall Say Kayla Cardona Needed to Be Medicated on?

"Uh, she's bats--t crazy, um, off her f-----g rocker, like needs to be medicated," Alex said of Kayla.

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May 3 2024, Published 11:28 a.m. ET

Alex Hall, Kayla Cardona
Source: Netflix

When it comes to reality TV, it can sometimes feel like the drama is manufactured. This isn't always true, but Adam Divello, the creator behind Selling Sunset and Selling the OC, does have a history of staging some of his shows.

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Speaking of Selling the OC, the show's third season was drama-heavy. From Gio Helou's drama with Kayla Cardona over the $28 million Bayside listing to Sean Palmieri's claims that Austin Victoria and his wife wanted to have a three-way with him, a lot was going on. Kayla was also badmouthed by co-star Alex Hall on a podcast episode.

A podcast episode? Wait, that's something we can fact check, right? So, we did. What did Alex say about Kayla on that podcast and is it still available to listen to? We did a little investigating.

What did Alex Hall say about Kayla Cardona on that podcast?

During Season 3 of Selling the OC, Ali Harper, Alexandra Jarvis, Kayla Cardona, and Brandi Marshall discuss a teaser for a podcast that they saw on Instagram that Alex Hall did. In this teaser clip, Alex is slandering another agent in the office. However, since the full podcast hadn't been released yet, they don't know who the agent she was badmouthing, but were pretty certain she was was talking about Kayla.

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Alex Hall and Kayla Cardona
Source: Netflix

In fact, Kayla revealed that when the teaser clip came out, several people sent it to her for that reason.

That said, the group approached Alex and asked if that was true. Alex claimed that what she said had nothing to do with any of them, yet she wouldn't say who it was about.

When the full episode came out, it became clear that Alex had lied and the agent she was talking negatively about was, in fact, Kayla.

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Alexandra started playing a part of it in the office for Kayla to listen. Alex is heard saying: "And now we get each other. And Kayla and I don't speak. Uh, she's bats--t crazy, um, off her f-----g rocker, like needs to be medicated. Seriously, like I'm concerned for her well-being at this point. Like I'm not saying crazy as in like 'She's crazy [Valley girl accent]. Like ... crazy [normal accent]. And I don't speak poorly about people, but she has really shown me who she is. When someone's mentally unsound, even in their presence, you feel crazy."

What was the name of the podcast that Alex Hall bashed Kayla Cardona on?

Unfortunately, we cannot locate the exact podcast in which Alex talked smack about Kayla. It's possible that the episode was deleted ahead of Season 3 or that Alex asked for it to be taken down in respect of Kayla. Alex did eventually apologize to Kayla for her comments, claiming she recorded the episode a long time ago and forgot that she was speaking about her in that particular instance.

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Alex Hall Tyler Stanaland
Source: Netflix

We do believe though that Alex said those things about Kayla, and this wasn't a storyline created just to stir up drama amongst the women. You see, in a December 2022 interview with People, Alex made similar remarks about her co-star while talking to the outlet about her sponsorship with Keurig. It's possible that this interview was somehow related to the podcast, but certain parts have since been deleted.

Either or, it proves that Alex has no reservations about putting Kayla on blast in the media.

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In this particular interview, Alex told the outlet: "I do not have a relationship with Kayla. Nor do I wish to have a relationship with Kayla. I would rather not be her coworker, but you can't pick those."

She then noted that Kayla needed a "reality check and maybe a psychiatrist."

Alex continued: "[What] a select few of us saw with our own eyes multiple times is not what the viewers saw. So all I can say is that my actions, my reactions were valid and in no way, shape, or form compare to the behaviors that her and my friend Tyler have encountered."

Claiming someone needs a psychiatrist is a pretty savage remark, if you ask us.

Why did Alex Hall say Kayla Cardona needed psychiatric help?

So, why did Alex even make these serious claims about Kayla needing psychiatric help? It all goes back to Season 1 drama.

When the series first started, Alex and Kayla were friends, but Alex started distancing herself from Kayla after she allegedly tried to kiss co-star Tyler Stanlanad while having after-work drinks. Alex felt that Kayla disrespected Tyler and his then-wife Brittany Snow and was out of bounds for thinking she could kiss a married man.

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Alex Hall, Kayla Cardona
Source: Netflix

Following the show's Netflix premiere, Alex told Entertainment Tonight, that it was more than a kiss. She made claims that Kayla also tried to “have sex” with Tyler on "multiple occasions," which made him "very uncomfortable."

Kayla denied ever trying to have sex with Tyler but did admit that she tried to kiss him. Kayla also told Page Six that she felt Alex was making up these claims about her to "take heat" off herself as Alex was also seen cuddling with Tyler in Season 1.

Basically, Tyler was the common denominator in all of Alex and Kayla's drama.

The ladies, who are both single moms, currently appear to maintain a somewhat professional working relationship. However, they aren't friends and do not follow each other on Instagram.

Seasons 1 through 3 of Selling the OC are now streaming on Netflix.

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