From 'Windy City Rehab' to Wine — Alison Victoria Does It All!

When she's not rehabbing old homes in Chicago, 'Windy City Rehab's' Alison Victoria is developing her own wine. Here's what we know about her latest adventure.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jun. 3 2022, Published 8:44 p.m. ET

The eternally wise and relentlessly funny Tyrion Lannister once said, "I drink and I know things." Those are words to live and sip by and they certainly apply to Alison Victoria, host of HGTV's Windy City Rehab. Based on the incredible work Alison does on the show, she certainly knows many things about bringing an old gem back to life.

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Now she's about to add drinking to her list of accomplishments in the form of her own wine. In a recent episode of the show, Alison did more than resuscitate a hidden gem of a house, she also dropped some hints about her own personal line of wine. Here's what we know about Alison Victoria's wine, which we are personally calling Winedy City.

Alison Victoria
Source: Instagram/@thealisonvictoria

Alison Victoria with wine

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What do we know about Alison Victoria's wine?

Sometimes it helps to have friends in wine places. Alison and her pal Ted have known each other for six years, which is why he turned to her when he needed his Gold Coast condo redone. Ted is the owner of Diamond Wine Importers, which means he knows his way around a bottle but not a backsplash. (Of course, one could argue some backsplashing might happen while drinking wine.)

The condo has a fairly interesting history, which is sadly relevant today. The high-rise was originally built by doctors after the Spanish flu pandemic in 1922. Who knows if it was used to quarantine or treat the sick, but nowadays it needs a little extra love. Many original features were still in the condo and while they had to go, Ted wanted to honor the era as much as he could.

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Work on Ted's home was in full swing, so he and Victoria took the opportunity to jet off to Greece in order to sample wines for her new label. My, how the antique tables have turned. First Ted is in Victoria's world, and now she is in his. Victoria wants her wine to be made from Greek grapes as a nod to her heritage. Ted's expertise helped her find wine with the perfect aroma. You could say it all made scents. As of now we don't know when the wine will be available, but we're keeping our eyes peeled.

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Celebrities love having their own wine!

Alison is not the first famous person to find herself attracted to the fine art of winemaking. Here's the merlot-down on a few other celebrities who have danced with Dionysus.

Cameron Diaz and WhoWhatWear co-founder Katherine Power created Avaline wine together. It's made in Spain and everything is organic. Their goal was to be as clean as possible, free from pesticides and all unnecessary additives.

Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power
Source: Instagram/@camerondiaz

Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power

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Perhaps you've drank someone under the table, but have you gone under the table to dream? Well, you can kind of do both with Dave Matthews' Dreaming Tree Wines. In 2011, Dave and winemaker Steve Redder got together and dreamt up Dreaming Tree Wines, which is a reference to a song on his 1998 album Before These Crowded Streets. Hopefully you don't have so much wine that you're Tripping Billies.

Of course, Elizabeth Banks has her own wine. She's an actor, writer, and director, so naturally she should make wine as well. Technically she didn't start Archer Roose but that doesn't mean she didn't make it better (not bitter). The best part of Archer Roose, other than the taste, is it comes in a can. If she ever needs someone to test out a new wine, we volunteer as tribute!

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