Looking for a Challenge? Here’s Where You’ll Find Every Lynel in 'Tears of the Kingdom'

Here’s a look at every Lynel location in 'Tears of the Kingdom', whether you’re farming high-end resources or just want a challenge.

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Jun. 28 2023, Published 3:57 p.m. ET

A Lynel facing off against Link.
Source: Nintendo

There are tons of enemies to fight in Tears of the Kingdom, but few are as fearsome as the Lynel. These deadly creatures come in a variety of forms (Red, Blue, White, and Silver), but they’re incredibly difficult to best in combat — though doing so will reward you with heaps of resources.

If you’re on a Lynel hunt, here’s a look at all Lynel locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

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All Lynel locations in 'Tears of the Kingdom'.

Before heading out to fight a Lynel, consider stocking up on powerful weapons and armor. It also doesn’t hurt to have a bundle of arrows and an inventory full of food to restore your Hearts. With that out of the way, here’s where you’ll find every Lynel in Hyrule.

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Red Lynel LocationCoordinates
Lake Illumeni -3380, 0020, 0090
Tabantha Hills -2735, 1866, 0340
Lindor's Brow -2150, 1537, 0220
West Hyrule Plains -1545, 0127, 0110
North Akkala Valley 3680, 2940, 0030

Blue Lynel LocationCoordinates
Hebra West Summit -4525, 2675, 0230
Stalry Plateau -1540, -2670, 0155
Nautelle Wetlands -0570, -3855, 0050
Harfin Valley 0105, -3380, 0005
Millennio Sandbar 1995, -0320, 0010
Rabia Plain 2495, -0540, 0115
Lanayru Heights 2655, -0927, 0227
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White Lynel LocationCoordinates
Risoka Snowfield -4445, -1000, 0510
Kamah Plateau 1470, -3055, 0205
Ukuku Plains 3868, 0965, 0248
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Silver Lynel LocationCoordinates
Hyrule Castle -0345, 0495, -0405
Snowfield Stable 1065, -0365, -0470
Minshi Woods Chasm 1032, 1119, -0475
Akkala Ancient Tech Lab 4235, 2710, -0575
Gerudo Desert -2801, -2230, -0480
Floating Colosseum -0708, -1550, -0520

How to beat a Lynel in 'Tears of the Kingdom.'

There’s no foolproof way to beat a Lynel in Tears of the Kingdom, but using your bow and arrows to stun it with a headshot is one of the best methods. Then, you can rush in and land a few hits, before backing up and repeating the process.

You can also try throwing Puffshrooms at a Lynel to disorient it. This has a similar effect to hitting it with an arrow, as it effectively opens the beast up for easy attacks without much threat of a counter-offensive.

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Regardless of what technique you use to fight a Lynel, it’s always important to have high-level armor and weapons, along with a bunch of food. It only takes a few hits from a Lynel to deplete all your Hearts —so be sure you come prepared with enhanced gear that’ll allow you to take a few hits and make a few mistakes.

For beating a Lynel, you’ll be rewarded with a variety of resources, including Lynel Saber Horns, Lynel Mace Horns, Lynel Hooves, and arrows. Most of these are excellent Fuse materials and should allow you to build up an arsenal of powerful weapons. You can also sell them to earn heaps of rupees.

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