'Love Is Blind': Are Clay and AD Still Together? He's Seemingly Moved On With a Controversial Model

"All that therapy and this is the result? Should’ve saved his money."

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May 15 2024, Updated 3:09 p.m. ET

clay and ad
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Season 6 of Love Is Blind resulted in five couples getting engaged in the pods, but only two couples made it to their wedding day. One of those couples was Clay and AD. They didn't end up getting married, but there were rumors that they started dating after filming.

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So, what's actually going on with AD and Clay? Here's an update on these two Netflix reality show stars.

ad and clay
Source: Netflix
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Are AD and Clay still together from 'Love Is Blind' Season 6?

First, let's rewind for a sec. Upon meeting each other in person for the first time, AD and Clay were both thrilled with each other's appearance, and their physical chemistry was undeniable. However, when they reached the altar, Clay did not say "I do."

Instead, he said: "This has been the best process. AD, I love you. I don't think it's responsible for me to say 'I do,' but I want you to know that I'm rocking with you. I just don't think it's responsible for me to say I do at this point when I still need work. I still need to get to the point where I'm 100 percent in." He added that "I'mma put the work in for you."

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AD was obviously heartbroken, and as Clay continued to preach about how they can make this work, she said under her breath, "What the f--k?" While Clay made it clear that he wanted to work on their relationship, AD said she was done and that she didn't ever see herself getting back together with him after all that.

But despite AD's declaration, some rumors began circulating in March 2024 that there had, in fact, been a potential reconnection at some point. On March 6, 2024, a TikTok video surfaced from December 2023 on X (formerly Twitter), showing AD spending time with Clay and his family on Thanksgiving.

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However, during the reunion episode, neither Clay nor AD said they were dating. Clay said he still loved AD and that he would "1,000 percent" date AD if he could. He even said that he came out of the show as "a different man."

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Well, fast-forward to now, and it looks like AD and Clay's past relationship is strictly that — past.

In May 2024, Clay went Instagram official with a controversial OnlyFans model named Celina Powell. Why is she controversial, you ask? Apparently Celina is known for spilling tea on her alleged sexual encounters with male celebs, per Page Six. At one point she even accused rapper Offset of getting her pregnant while he was still with Cardi B, only to admit years later that she'd lied.

Instagram commenters wasted no time making their thoughts known under Celina's post about her and Clay, with one writing, "All that therapy and this is the result? Should’ve saved his money." (As LIB viewers will recall, Clay told AD after he'd rejected her at the altar that he was willing to put in the work and go to therapy.)

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As for what's going on with AD, she revealed at the reunion that she'd gone on a couple of dates with her pod ex Matthew, but otherwise it's unclear if AD has moved on to anyone else since Clay. But based on her social media, she looks to be living her best life with family, friends, travel, and work.

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