The Cast of the 'Bad News Bears' Remake Has Had Ups and Downs After the Film

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Dec. 13 2023, Published 12:53 p.m. ET

'Bad News Bears'
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Before director Richard Linklater won and was nominated for several notable awards for his work in film and television, he worked on films like Bad News Bears. This remake of the 1976 sports film was released in 2005 and follows a washed-up, alcoholic minor league baseball player who bumbles his way into coaching a Little League team comprised almost exclusively of troublemakers. Somehow, though, he manages to train them to achieve some crude form of greatness.

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The film stars several notable actors like Billy Bob Thornton, Greg Kinnear, and Marcia Gay Harden. The eponymous Bears, however, were all played by unknown child actors. However, their careers after Bad News Bears took off in very different directions ranging from good, middling, and even tragic.

Here's what the cast of the 2005 Bad News Bears remake is up to now.

The cast of 'Bad News Bears'
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Ridge Canipe (Toby Whitewood)

Ridge Canipe
Source: Getty Images

Ridge is one of the few child actors in the Bad News Bears cast with some notable credits after the film. He would go on to be featured in shows like Supernatural as a young Dean Winchester as well as films like Walk the Line. The last acting credit listed on his IMDb page was in a short film called Guests, released in 2013.

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Brandon Craggs (Mike Engelberg)

Having received his breakout role as Mike in Bad News Bears, Brandon continued to act well into 2022. He had minor roles in short films, TV movies, and miscellaneous shows. He is also currently active on Instagram.

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Jeffrey Davies (Kelly Leak)

Not to be confused with either the author or the guitarist of the same name, Jeffrey the actor hasn't exactly had much else going after Bad News Bears. In 2019, however, he suffered severe injuries from a motorcycle accident. Last we heard from him, he was recovering at a brain injury rehabilitation center and required an exoskeleton just to walk.

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Timmy Deters (Tanner Boyle)

Timmy Deter in 'Bad News Bears'
Source: Getty Images

Since 2005, Timmy Deters has had roles in small projects and little-known TV series. His last credit was in 2017 in an independent film called Limelight.

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Carlos Estrada (Miguel Agilar)

Carlos Estrada
Source: Getty Images

According to his IMDb, Carlos' only starring role was in Bad News Bears. He currently has no other credits or social media presence.

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Emmanuel Estrada (Jose Agilar)

Emmanuel Estrada
Source: Getty Images

Similar to Carlos, Emmanuel has no other known acting credits or social media accounts.

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Troy Gentile (Matthew Hooper)

Troy is one of the only child actors from Bad News Bears that is most gainfully employed. Having had his first starring role in the 2005 remake, he would go on to be featured in several television shows.

He was part of the main cast of The Goldbergs from 2013 up until the series finale in 2023 and starred as eldest son Barry.

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Kenneth 'K.C' Harris (Ahmad Abdul Rahim)

After Bad News Bears, Kenneth continued to find work as an actor in films like 2020's Miss Juneteenth. During that same year, he was a writer in a short film called Going Up.

In 2015, he also worked as a part of the film crew for another short film called No Greater Love.

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Aman Johal (Prem Lahiri)

Aman Johal
Source: Getty Images

Shortly after going up to bat, Aman appeared in other notable films like Juno in 2007 and Jennifer's Body in 2009. His last acting credit came in 2014 in a short film called Preach.

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Tyler Patrick Jones (Timmy Lupus)

Aside from Bad News Bears, Tyler had a recurring role in the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Aisha Tyler. He reportedly retired from acting in 2012, but has had some recent activity on Instagram.

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Sammi Kane Kraft (Amanda Wurlitzer)

Sammi Kane Kraft
Source: Getty Images

Sammi's role in Bad News Bears was her only notable one, though she was also featured in an ESPN story when she competed in the Junior Olympics.

In 2012, however, Sammi passed away at the age of 20 after a violent automobile accident. Her memory is honored by musician Alana Haim, who was best friends with Sammi at the time of her death. Alana is currently the lead singer of pop rock band HAIM.

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Jeffrey Tedmori (Garo Daragabrigadien)

Jeffrey continued to act up until 2008, having appeared in shows like Psych. These days, he is active on Instagram as a self-purported "ocean enthusiast".

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Carter Jenkins (Joey Bullock)

After batting against the Bears, Carter went on to be featured in several notable films and TV shows such as CSI: Miami, Mad Men, and Doom Patrol.

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Billy Bob Thornton (Morris Buttermaker)

Billy Bob Thornton not smiling as he poses at the premiere of 'A Million Little Pieces'.
Source: Getty Images

Billy Bob Thornton

We're used to him playing a curmudgeon on screen, but Billy Bob Thornton is widely known for dozens of roles throughout his career. As of this writing, he is set to star in a sci-fi film called The Electric State. Directed by the Russo brothers of Marvel Studios fame, the film will also star Millie Bobby Brown, Chris Pratt, and Ke Huy Quan.

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Greg Kinnear (Ray Bullock)

Greg Kinnear in 'You'
Source: Netflix

As another longtime actor, Greg Kinnear has had several roles and has been nominated for several notable awards. In 2023, he appeared in Season 4 of the acclaimed Netflix series, You.

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Marcia Gay Harden (Liz Whitewood)

Marcia Gay Harden
Source: Getty Images

Marcia is perhaps one of the most decorated cast members of Bad News Bears, having received an Academy Award and a Tony Award for her performances. She currently stars in the CBS dramady, So Help Me Todd.

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