These Unforgettable TikTok Trends of 2021 Will Make You Reminisce About the Year

Take a trip down memory lane with these unforgettable TikTok trends of 2021.

Stephanie Harper - Author

Dec. 30 2021, Published 1:51 p.m. ET

TikTok trends
Source: TikTok @jessandgabriel @ttrippiereed

2021 has been an awesome year when it comes to TikTok. There have been so many hilarious dances, challenges, and trends to follow for TikTokers on a mission to go viral.

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If you’re easily able to keep up with some of the funniest and craziest trends on TikTok, it’s possible your videos will pull in thousands to millions of views. These are some of the most unforgettable TikTok trends of 2021 to reflect on.

The “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight" TikTok trend quickly took over thanks to Addison Rae and other influencers.

TikTok @ali.scyn
Source: TikTok @ali.scyn

A TikTok user named @ali.scyn posted a video in Mar. 2021 of herself dancing to a song called “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight" by Doja Cat and Starboi3. She demonstrated easy-to-follow choreography along with the edgy lyrics and instantly created a lot of traction. The "I'm Getting Ripped Tonight" trend blew up even further when mega TikTok starlet Addison Rae hopped on the bandwagon with a simpler version of the dance moves.

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The “Pick Me Girl" trend on TikTok was considered controversial while insightful.

Source: TikTok @amelieob2.0

For those who don’t know what a “pick me girl" is, it’s a girk who’s willing to embarrass other girls in front of guys for her own personal gain, or who thinks that distancing themselves from other women will make them more appealing to men. The “Pick Me Girl” trend on TikTok pokes fun at girls who do the most whenever guys are around.

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The “Center of Gravity Challenge" trend on Tik Tok showcases a huge difference between men and women.

Source: TikTok @thegingypants

The “Center of Gravity Challenge” trend on TikTok blew up pretty quickly because guys wanted to be able to prove they’re capable of doing exactly what girls can do. Unfortunately for a lot of guys participating in this trend, they quickly realized they didn’t have the same center of gravity women naturally have while trying to do a particular pose on the ground without hurting their faces!

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The “Starburst Kissing Challenge" trend on TikTok is considered a must-try for couples.

Source: TikTok @tommywinkler

There are plenty of couples's trends to participate in on TikTok, and equally, there are just as many trends that require you to eat something on camera for your followers to see. The “Starburst Kissing Challenge" trend on TikTok is pretty simple and super easy to do if you have your partner close by. According to all the viral videos of this challenge, one person chews Starburst candy before kissing their partner to capture their partner's reaction to the fruity flavor on video.

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The “27 Videos" trend on TikTok will get you in your feels.

Source: TikTok @sanaod

Is it possible to capture what your entire life has been like within 27 short video clips? That’s the goal of the “27 Videos" trend on TikTok. Users upload 27 short videos of the greatest highlights they’ve ever experienced and allow the popular video-sharing app to sync their content perfectly in tune with a background song. Wedding days, exotic vacations, graduations, and more are showcased in this heartwarming TikTok trend. This trend romanticizes what you've lived through.

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