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Source: Instagram

The Contestants of Netflix's 'Blown Away' Will... Well, Blow You Away


We had our doubts when we first saw that Netflix released a reality competition about glassblowing. What will they come up with next, right? Except we didn't stand up from the TV from the second we started the show, and now, 10 episodes later, we have to say it's one of the best competitions to ever hit the platform. And believe us, we've seen a few.

In Blown Away, we get to watch as 10 of the best glass artists in North America perfect their craft of sculpture and glassblowing and wow the host, artist-in-resident judge, guest panelist — as well as, well, us — over the course of 10 themed challenges. The grand prize is $60,000 and a residency at the Corning Museum in New York.

The show is so riveting, it might have you looking up nearby glass studios. Or wait, is that just us?

Keep reading to meet the amazing contestants who make Blown Away so engrossing and tbqh, thrilling to watch.

1. Alexander Rosenberg

Source: Instagram

36-year-old Alexander is a Philadelphia-based artist and educator. Glass is at the center of his practice, and he received his BFA and MSs on glass from RISD and MIT, respectively. Before his time on Blown Away, Alexander won the International Glass Prize, as well as several other grants. He's attended prestigious residencies such as The MacDowell Colony and Urban Glass.

See some of Alexander's work on his Instagram page: @rosenbergalexander