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If You Don't Have a Crush on Brian Benni, Are You Even Watching 'Family Karma'?



When it comes to Bravo reality shows, we have to confess that we've found our latest obsession in Miami-based Family Karma.

Following the lead of ethnically driven shows such as Shahs of Sunset, Mexican Dynasties and Texicanas, Family Karma centers on seven intergenerational Indian families in Miami who balance old-world traditions with, well, life in the States in 2020.

Playing into most tried-and-true reality TV archetypes, Family Karma casts out-gay Amrit Kapai, his perhaps-gay-but-engaged-to-a-woman best friend Vishal Parvani, single mom Bali Chainani, and the best friends we're all hoping to see become a couple: gorgeous Monica Vaswani and eligible bachelor Brian Benni.

Keep reading to learn more about Brian!

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Monica calls childhood friend Brian Benni 'Family Karma's "player."

Family Karma's pilot introduces new audiences to the cast of socialites and their parents, and viewers were immediately taken by how cute Brian Benni is.

We watch as this live-at-home IT professional gets a new BMW and fumbles through a car "puja," or blessing, then heads over to his best friend and childhood crush's house, Monica. 

Per Brian's Bravo profile, the "resident 'party boy'" is how ready to retire that notorious title and settle down, and his parents encourage he begin to start thinking about starting a family of his own. "Brian has been hesitant to start a relationship with women in this community but lately he's had a change of heart," his bio reads.

Source: Bravo

Everyone is already rooting for Brian and Monica to get together.

Audiences and producers alike are "shipping" their newest crush, Brian, with aspiring Bollywood choreographer and software specialist Monica. (Is that how the kids use the term "shipping" these days?)

The two have been friends ever since they met at temple back in the sixth grade, and grew their friendship on the platform du jour back in those days: AOL Instant Messenger. "We just clicked," says Brian about how the two became fast friends nearly 15 years ago.

"Monica knows everything about me, I know a lot about her," the 27-year-old continues in a one-on-one interview with a producer. "She's a good girl. She's not, like, a drinker, she's not a partier. So when we hang out, it's either me and her talking, or [her] cooking and feeding me."

The producer is quick to point out that those activities sound rather intimate and couple-y, which seems to tickle Brian, who seems otherwise reluctant to see Monica as more than just a close friend—for now. 

As for the brunette beauty, she describes Brian's personality type as a dater as being "a player." 

Monica is happy to serve as his wing woman and advise him on dating within the Indian community, but only time will tell whether the two of them will ever become anything more than just friends. Nonetheless, they are adorable and we can't wait to see more of both of our favorite Family Karma cast members on screen.

To learn more about Brian and stay up to date with his partying activities in and out of Miami, follow him on Instagram, where he describes himself as "groovy like a drive-in movie." Whatever that means, we're here for it!

Catch Family Karma, Sundays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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