Superman Versus the Avengers — Who Has the Best Chance Against the Man of Steel?

Superman vs. Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Thor, Black Panther, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, and the other Avengers. Who would win? Can Marvel beat DC's strongest superhero?

Reese Watson - Author

May 15 2020, Updated 12:24 p.m. ET

can superman beat avengers
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The Man of Steel Superman is regarded as one of the mightiest superheroes in the DC Universe, if not the outright strongest. Despite being a member of the Justice League, he’s capable of defeating formidable foes single-handedly. 

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Superman is also an alien native to the planet Krypton, which means he’s basically a god to humans due to just how strong he is. Superman is so powerful that he could probably just outright kill the rest of the Justice League with no issues. It’s pretty ridiculous!

This begs the question: 

Superman vs. the Avengers — who would win?

avengers vs superman
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The dynamics of a hypothetical “Superman vs. X” fight change when Superman is pitted against the Avengers, who are commonly considered to be the strongest superhero team in the Marvel Universe. 

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In a plain old one-on-one fight, the odds of winning would be low for the Avengers due to Superman’s invulnerability to literally all physical damage. That said, there are some tricks that the Avengers have up their sleeves to bring him down!

Antman has a chance against Superman thanks to his size.

Ant-Man is known for his size altering ability, which lets him shrink to the size of an atom or grow as tall as a six-story building. Superman would thrash Ant-Man in his tallest form, thanks to his superman strength and speed. However, Ant-Man can make use of his atomic stature to beat Superman in a tricky way! 

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antman vs superman
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The tiny Avenger could enter Superman’s head with ease and grow back in size, which would beat him from the inside-out! Alternatively, Ant-Man could place a Nanoparticle of Kryptonite in Superman’s head, which would weaken him and eventually kill him. 

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Superman could have a chance in this scenario only if he could spot Ant-Man with the help of his enhanced senses and x-ray vision. Even then, Ant-Man can avoid a confrontation by simply traveling back in time and space through the quantum realm to prevent Superman from coming into existence in the first place. 

Who would have thought this is an even matchup?

Scarlet Witch's chaos magic is lethal to Superman...

Scarlet Witch could certainly be a strong contender in a fight against Superman because she’s capable of using chaos magic, which is lethal to Kryptonians. Along with her reality-warping and probability manipulation powers, she’s definitely not someone to be trifled with. 

She’s so powerful that at one point she had created an alternate reality where 98 percent of mutants had lost their powers, accomplished by only uttering three words “No More Mutants.” Pretty badass if you ask me!

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In an ideal face-off, Scarlet Witch would only be able to slow Superman with her hex bolts. Given Superman’s supersonic flying speed, it would be nearly impossible for her to stop him before he could get to her. Moreover, she would need considerable emotional trauma for reality-warping, which is difficult to achieve within a fraction of a second. 

That said, it’s still possible!

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The Sorcerer Supreme has a chance against the Man of Steel.

Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, is definitely capable enough to take down the Man of Steel. The only way Superman can beat the Sorcerer is by attacking him before he can cast any spell. He could face Superman in his astral form, which would make him invulnerable to any physical harm. 

doctor strange superman
Source: Marvel
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He could simply go back in time with the help of the Eye of Agamotto and eliminate Superman before his inception, a much more efficient method than Ant-Man’s time travel. As far as completely overpowered superheroes go, Doctor Strange is right up there with Superman!

What about Superman vs. Thor?

Thor is a powerful Avenger who is on par with Superman in terms of strength alone. That said, he has a slight edge over Superman because of his magical powers, which he seldom uses. Hulk can give good competition to Superman in terms of brute strength, but there are slim odds for Hulk’s victory as he is very slow.

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thor superman
Source: Marvel

Few other members of the Avengers would be able to put a good fight against Superman. Nonetheless, most superheroes would be defeated by Superman when they face him alone. The only possible way by which Avengers could beat Superman would be with a team effort, and who knows if that would even work. 

Maybe we’ll get the Marvel/DC crossover one day and can get an answer!

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