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Source: Getty Images

Celebrities Who Are Responsible for People's Deaths


Despite their accomplishments or famous families, public figures are still human beings. As such, they're just as prone to err —sometimes with deadly consequences. These celebrities all have one thing in common: they have all borne some responsibility for the death of another human being, whether while operating a motor vehicle or, in some cases, acting with premeditation with the intent to take another life.

Venus Williams

Source: Getty Images

Though she was cleared of criminal charges, the tennis star was involved in a fatal car accident in 2017. Her car T-boned a vehicle driven by Linda Barson. Though both drivers escaped major injury, Barson's passenger and husband, Jerome Barson, succumbed to his injuries 13 days later. While neither driver was found to be at fault for the collision, Williams ultimately settled a wrongful death lawsuit that resulted.