"It's The Dress All Over Again" — Color-Changing Skirt Confuses People

It's the next version of The Dress, with people freaking out over a color-changing skirt. Read on for why so many folks are talking about it.

Melissa Willets - Author

Jul. 11 2023, Published 2:18 p.m. ET

A TikTok creator got people talking by sharing a few videos of a skirt that seems to change color depending on where you're looking at it. Indeed, @bbarohn was "confused" by this phenomenon, and now, so are we!

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The optical illusion skirt harkens back to The Dress, which was seemingly everywhere in 2015. Some will swear the striped item is black and blue, while others are unswayed that the piece of cocktail attire is white and gold.

But is that what's going on with the color-changing skirt?

Is this skirt pink or green — or maybe even brown?

In the first video, the creator is seemingly baffled by how a skirt appears pink in the laundry room, confessing to thinking the garment was green.

But then, the creator takes the skirt into another room — and yup, the skirt is now green.

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The jaw-dropping color change had inspired 400 comments at time of writing, with intrigued people sharing a host of reactions to The Dress 2.0.

Of course, soon, TikTok users were weighing in with theories on what was really going on with this skirt.

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One person wondered if it was the creator's light bulbs that forced this optical illusion, while another wanted to know what would happen if the creator took the garment outside.

Many commenters referenced The Dress, with one joking, "It's actually white and gold."

But a fair number of social media weary folks insisted the skirt's ability to color change was just the creator playing a trick on us with two different garments.

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Here's what happened when the skirt went outside.

Adding to the confusion, the creator took the skirt outside in natural light, where it now appeared brown, or as some people perceived, a shade of gray or taupe.

Ultimately, it seems the creator was willing to attribute the color change we witnessed in the original video to lighting in the house, hinting that some sort of "fluorescence" could be to blame for our eyes playing tricks on us.

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"It could be the dye," the skirt owner further surmised in the second video. "I can't really tell what color it is now," ended up being the final thought on the matter.

So now, it's left up to us to determine what color we see, much like The Dress.

And, if you love mind tricks like this one, as plenty of commenters on these videos referenced, the skirt also conjures up Laurel or Yanny vibes.

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If you aren't familiar, basically the Laurel or Yanny phenomenon involved a trick on the ears, not the eyes, and went viral back in 2018.

Listening an audio clip, you'll hear one of the two names.

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This was another divisive challenge that had people swearing they heard one name or the other — with participants unwilling to believe that someone could hear a different name than them.

Things got seriously heated with this Laurel or Yanny trend — we aren't kidding!

For now, the color-changing skirt hasn't inspired as much heated discussion, but we'll be keeping an eye on it. What color do you see — pink, green, brown, gray, taupe, or something else entirely?

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