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Source: Getty

Danielle Cohn Has a New Boyfriend and Let's Just Say She Definitely Has a Type


When you’re famous for being famous like TikTok’s very own Danielle Cohn, everything you post and say on social media becomes a whole thing—especially when it’s about a new love interest. So when Danielle shared a photo of herself with a new boyfriend and a heart as the caption, her followers were all over it. But most importantly, they wanted to know who Danielle Cohn’s new boyfriend is.

The social media star famously (and very publicly) dated Mikey Tua in 2019, which ended when her father took to social media to reveal that she was 13, not 15, as she had led the internet to believe. Since she was in a relationship with a potentially emancipated 17-year-old at the time, Mikey’s parents put the kibosh on it right away. It didn't take long for Danielle to rebound with fellow TikTok celebrity and influencer Ethan Fair. But now that they are over, she has apparently moved on yet again.