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Danielle Cohn's Sexuality Is a Hot Topic — Despite Her Age



YouTuber Danielle Cohn's life has no filter. From her breakup with Mikey Tua to the mystery behind her "real age," it's no surprise that her sexuality is also a topic of conversation amongst her followers. 

The self-proclaimed 16-year-old (her dad alleges she was actually 13 years old in 2019, but that is a whole other story) has not officially come out as bisexual, but she has made it very clear she is a proud LGBTQ ally. 

So, is Danielle Cohn bisexual?

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In 2018, Danielle tweeted a photo of herself wearing a rainbow shirt that reads "Equality" and licking a rainbow lollipop, which she captioned, "Never be ashamed of who you love." 

While the post itself was vague, her then-boyfriend Mikey, also posted a photo with Danielle and fellow influencer Sebastian Bails, and wrote, "Gay - Bi - Straight BUT STILL HUMAN." 

The order is important because Danielle is sitting between Sebastian and Mikey, and the Bi descriptor seemingly points to her. 

However, in 2019, Danielle made it pretty clear she prefers guys, making a TikTok video to the song, "Bisexual Anthem," which she captioned, "Love always win [sic]. I like guys but it’s OK to like who you love." 

So, her singing "I like both," was just for the attention. What's new? 

Today, Danielle is rumored to have a new boyfriend...

Since her dramatic breakup with Mikey last year, Danielle has been linked to several guys, including Diego Martir and Ethan Fair. Now, it seems like the teen is currently dating Landon Asher Barker. 

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Yes, the son of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. The couple has been spotted on TikTok and Instagram together, seemingly confirming their relationship status. 

As expected, fans are struggling to keep up with Danielle's long list of boy toys. "Didn't you just breakup with you bf??? [sic]," one follower asked before another commented, "This girl does not know what dating is at all."

A third chimed in, "Oh no another boy." 

Danielle is focused on her music career.

She recently dropped the music video for her song, "Before Love Existed" — and her love interest was Cesar Martinez

"Never enough, I never thought / That you were what I needed," she sings in the song. "I've been takin' my time lookin' for you / But we were here before love existed." 

She definitely has a type, doesn't she? 

Anyways, if there is one love Danielle is most concerned about it's self-love. She even has the tattoo to prove it. 

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