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Source: Instagram

YouTube Star Danielle Cohn Reveals Boyfriend Mikey Tua Is Working to Get Emancipated


Controversial YouTube stars Danielle Cohn and her boyfriend Mikey Tua faced major backlash in April after pranking their fans with a fake pregnancy and wedding announcement. The 15-year-old posted an Instagram picture of her boyfriend kissing her “baby bump,” which certainly caused quite the social media stir.  

Following the pregnancy announcement, the popular Tik-Tok star and her teen boyfriend shared videos and pictures of the couple getting married at a small chapel in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator. When the couple posted a social media video of their gender reveal party for their “baby,” Danielle and Mikey finally revealed that the whole thing was one big prank. 

However, social media fans did not find this joke funny. Many were upset by the it because they felt it was insensitive towards women who struggle with fertility issues.