Dr. Simone’s Husband, Cecil, Opened up About His “Really Close Friend” Tammy

Cecil Whitmore said his friend Tammy is an “attractive person” amid rumors that he cheated on ‘M2M's' Dr. Simone.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Mar. 6 2024, Published 2:31 p.m. ET

While the husbands on Married to Medicine typically remain far away from the drama their wives endure, some have contributed to some of the long-running Bravo show's most intense moments. Take Curtis Berry, who, in 2017, was caught cheating on his wife and M2M star Dr. Jackie Walters, a move that nearly ended their 20-plus year marriage.

Dr. Simone Whitmore and her businessman husband Cecil Whitmore were another couple that nearly divorced during Seasons 5 and 6.

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The couple’s marriage was in trouble because Cecil took one of his friendships too far in Simone’s eyes.

Over the years, Married to Medicine fans have wondered how far Cecil’s relationship with his former good friend, Tammy, really went. Cecil has since confirmed whether he and Tammy ever had an extramarital affair.

(l-r): Cecil Whitlmore and Dr. Simone Whitmore
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Did Cecil Whitmore cheat on ‘Married to Medicine’ star Dr. Simone?

Like many Married to Medicine couples, Cecil and Simone’s marriage began before Bravo knocked at their door. However, the couple, who married in 1997, was tested in ways that led Simone to file for divorce in 2018.

At the Season 5 M2M reunion, Simone explained how Cecil’s friendship with Tammy, a woman he met while working at the Coca-Cola company, had driven a wedge between her and Cecil. Simone revealed she was uncomfortable with their closeness, which included Tammy spending eight days at the couple’s house during the holidays.

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She shared in Season 6 that Cecil’s willingness to go to dinner with Tammy while she was dealing with a family tragedy was what caused her to file for divorce.

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As fans of the series know, Simone and Cecil—who have two sons, Miles and Michael—reconciled and are still married. In March 2024, Cecil confirmed in an episode of Reality With the King that he didn’t cheat on Simone and that he was never attracted to Tammy, though he admitted she’s “an attractive person.” When asked by host Carlos King if he ever “crossed the line” with Tammy, Cecil maintained that he, Tammy, and Simone were once good friends.

“It never crossed the line, and Simone never thought we crossed the line,” Cecil said on the podcast. “But we were really close friends, and [Tammy] was like a sister to me. We didn’t understand the dynamic, at least I didn’t understand the dynamic, of how it was affecting Simone.”

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(l-r): Cecil Whitmore, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, and Dr. Damon Kimes
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Cecil revealed he doesn’t “resent” Simone for his and Tammy’s friendship ending.

Although he said on Reality With the King that he and Tammy were never involved in an affair, Cecil reflected on how their relationship could’ve hurt Simone. On the podcast, Cecil recalled Simone being understandably furious when he made a “really fast jump” to Tammy’s rescue when she got a flat tire. Cecil said his rush to help Tammy was something he hadn’t done for his wife with the same urgency.

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“I think that might have been a trigger for Simone to be like, ‘OK, wait a minute, I don't get the same,”' Cecil admitted.

Cecil said the error of his ways, paired with Simone filing for divorce, caused him to make changes in his marriage. After cutting off the friendship in an Atlanta bar, he revealed he hadn’t spoken to Tammy in over five years. As a result, he was kicked out of his and his former friend’s golf group, as they sided with Tammy in the friendship breakup.

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Though he lost out on a friend group and admittedly missed Tammy, Cecil said cutting her off as a friend was the best move for him and his marriage and stated he doesn’t “resent” Simone for his choice.

“At that point, I've been married 20 years,” Cecil said. “So I'm like, you know what, if this is going to jeopardize me moving forward with my wife, then I got to let it go.”

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“So I don't fault her,” he added of Simone. “I'm totally fine with it, and I'd make the same decision tomorrow. But she [Tammy] was my friend.”

Cecil and Simone have proven they can withstand challenging moments in their marriage and do it gracefully while on reality TV. Some longtime Bravolebrities could never!

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