Wait, Did Lydia Know Uche Was Going to Be on 'Love Is Blind?' Fans Seem to Think So

During 'Love Is Blind' Season 5, Uche and Lydia revealed that they had previously dated. Now, fans are claiming that Lydia planned this surprise.

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Sep. 26 2023, Published 4:55 p.m. ET

lydia in the pods uche in the pods
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The Gist:

  • Lydia and Uche are both contestant on Love Is Blind Season 5.
  • During the first day of the experiment, they began talking in the pods and realized they knew each other.
  • Fans think Lydia knew Uche was going to be on Love Is Blind and decided to sign up too.
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Each season of Love Is Blind has its own twists and turns, but I'm sure none of us were ready for the bombshell that Uche dropped in Episode 3. After making a big stink about Aaliyah being unfaithful in her last relationship, Uche confessed that he also had something important to share. His ex, Lydia, was part of the experiment, too.

From how it's portrayed on the show, we're led to believe that Uche and Lydia blindly started talking to each other in the pods during the first day of the experiment and realized that they had met before.

But was it possible that this really happened by chance? Not all viewers of the show seem to think so. Some folks are claiming that Lydia applied for Love Is Blind after finding out that Uche was going to be on it.

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lydia in the pods
Source: netflix

Did Lydia know that Uche was going to be on 'Love Is Blind?' Fans think yes.

The premise of Love Is Blind is for contestants to find love without ever seeing each other. But what happens if two of the contestants already know each other?

That's what happened during Season 5 when it was revealed that Uche and Lydia had previously dated. While it's possible that this was just a coincidence, many fans claim that Lydia could have known Uche was going to be a contestant.

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In fact, it was some of her behaviors that led viewers to make this claim. For starters, many were uncomfortable with how quickly she was able to identify Uche in the pods because she recognized his breathing.

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Other users pointed out how Lydia seemed "obsessed" with Uche and shared way too many details with Aaliyah about Uche, even though she was asked to stop.

Lydia and Uche also claimed that they had just ended things a few months ago making it possible that when they were together, Lydia could have found out he was cast.

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'Love Is Blind' producers claim they did not know about Uche and Lydia's past relationship.

Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen told People in September 2023 that he and his team "had absolutely no idea" that Lydia and Uche were exes before the show. He explained that on the first day of filming, a crew member who was listening in on Lydia and Uche's pod conversation alerted him about what he had heard. Chris initially wanted to send them both home.

However, after confirming that Lydia and Uche were both serious about the experiment and had no interest in rekindling their romance, he agreed to let them stay under one condition: they were not allowed to tell anyone else about this past relationship.

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Both Lydia and Uche complied with this request, but as the experiment went on, it became clear that they had both developed strong connections with other contestants and could end up getting engaged. At that point, Chris knew it would only be fair to let them reveal the truth to their respective partners if they wanted to do so.

Chris also admitted that he didn't know whether Lydia and Uche knew about each other before the show started. "I honestly don't know whether Lydia knew that Uche was going to be there, or Uche knew Lydia was going to be there, or they both knew about each other and conspired together," he said. Truthfully, the one person who knows the answer is Lydia is herself.

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