JP and Taylor From 'Love Is Blind' Season 5 Are Over — Why Did They Break Up?

JP and Taylor fell in love in the pods and got engaged on 'Love Is Blind' Season 5. Read on for why they decided to break up so suddenly.

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Sep. 29 2023, Updated 1:08 p.m. ET

jp and taylor after meeting each other for the first time
Source: Netflix

The Gist:

  • JP and Taylor really hit if off in the pods during Season 5 of Love Is Blind.
  • They ended up being the first couple of the season to get engaged in the pods.
  • Their love was short-lived though, as Taylor gave JP the ring back during their engagement trip.
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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 5 of Love Is Blind.

Although the fifth installment of Love Is Blind yielded the lowest number of engaged couples yet, it definitely delivered on the drama. As a refresher, just three couples emerged from the pods with a wedding to plan: JP and Taylor, Izzy and Stacy, and Milton and Lydia.

While Izzy was torn between two women at one point, and Lydia dropped the bombshell on Milton that she met one of her exes in the pods, JP and Taylor's transition from talking to each other through a wall to getting engaged was seemingly painless. They were both loyal to each other from the get-go and didn't let anything interfere with their love. It's no surprise they were the first couple to get engaged.

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However, they were also the first couple to break up. Below we review how they came to be fiancés and reveal why they broke up.

jared pierce (jp) taylor rue
Source: Netflix
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JP and Taylor had an immediate connection in the pods, but Taylor admitted that she probably "wouldn't have gone after him" in the real world.

During Love Is Blind Season 5, we met JP (short for Jared Pierce) and Taylor Rue. JP, who is six years older than Taylor, works as a firefighter and can be identified by his cowboy boots, and American flag-patterned wardrobe.

Taylor, a kindergarten teacher, connected with JP (who she calls Sugar Butt) right away after learning that he attended the school where she currently teaches at.

During Season 5, Episode 2, JP pops the big question and Taylor says yes. In the beginning of Episode 3, they finally get to see each other for the first time.

JP seems absolutely smitten over Taylor. "Seeing her smile and seeing her look at me, [I'm] the luckiest man in the world," he said in an aside.

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jp and taylor in the pods
Source: netflix

However, Taylor didn't exactly reciprocate those kind words.

"There was some silence with JP in the pods, so I kind of, I guess, was expecting it out there, you know. But [it] was a little bit awkward," she said of her first in-person meeting with her future husband.

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She also pointed out noticed that he had a gap in teeth: "In the real world, I probably wouldn't have gone after him," she explained, nodding to his teeth. However, she realized that wasn't a good reason to discount someone as a romantic partner.

"Like that's so stupid not to be with someone because of their teeth, you know. Looks don't matter to me anymore," Taylor said of her fiancé.

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Following their engagement, Taylor and JP went to Mexico with the other engaged couples from Season 5. Now, they finally had a chance to spend some quality time together.

But a few days into the trip, Taylor broke up with JP and gave him back the ring.

Why did JP and Taylor breakup?

There were a couple of reasons why Taylor decided to call it quits. For starters, JP wasn't very talkative when they got out of pods. It was mostly Taylor doing all the talking and she wanted a partner who could balance the conversation out. It seemed that whatever chemistry they had between them in the pods had vanished.

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Furthermore, JP made some seemingly unnecessary feelings about Taylor's appearance. He said that when he met her the first time, she had too much makeup on and looked "fake." He told her he preferred her when she didn't have any makeup on.

jared pierce and taylor rue love is blind
Source: Instagram / @instalessjared; Instagram / @taylormrue

They got into a huge argument over this with Taylor taking offense and claiming that she should be able to put on makeup if she wants and JP claiming that she should be happy he doesn't like her all dolled up.

They spent a night apart to think it over. When they met up again, JP was still determined to try to make the relationship work. However, Taylor was done.

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