Did Milton and Lydia From 'Love Is Blind' Get a Divorce Already? Here's What We Know

Milton and Lydia were the only couple to get married during 'Love Is Blind' Season 5. Read on to learn about where their relationship stands now.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Oct. 13 2023, Updated 2:51 p.m. ET

milton and lydia on their wedding day
Source: netflix

The Gist:

  • Milton and Lydia got engaged in the pods during Love Is Blind Season 5.
  • After a month of knowing each other, they both said "I do" at the altar.
  • They currently do not appear to follow each other on social media, which is raising doubts amongst fans over whether or not they're still married.
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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 5 of Love Is Blind.

If you've been following Love Is Blind from the beginning, you probably know that on average about four couples usually get engaged in the pods. Season 5 was a bit of a doozy in that sense as only three couples got engaged in the pods. They were JP and Taylor, Izzy and Stacy, and Milton and Lydia.

The latter couple seemingly didn't have an instant connection as Lydia was initially hung up on Izzy. But as time passed in the pods, she began to catch feelings for Milton. And despite the fact that Lydia had been keeping a major secret from Milton (read: she previously dated Uche), Milton was able to move past it.

Fast forward to their wedding day and both Milton and Lydia said "I do."

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milton and lydia on their wedding day
Source: netflix

But as I'm sure we all know, Season 5 of Love Is Blind was filmed in the spring of 2022. A lot has happened since then and it's possible that their relationship changed. After all, getting married to someone you met five weeks ago is a gamble. So, are Milton and Lydia still together? Is it possible that they separated or got divorced?

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milton lydia
Source: netflix

Are Milton and Lydia still together following their wedding on Season 5 of 'Love Is Blind?'

In Episode 10, Milton and Lydia tied the knot and seemed as happy as could be. But that was a year and a half ago and things can change. Currently, Milton and Lydia do not follow each other on Instagram and seem to be living separate lives based off their travels and where they're posting from.

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Fans have seemingly picked up on this and have been weighing in on where they think Milton and Lydia stand now. And it appears that many folks seem to believe that the couple is already divorced.

"They’re definitely not together, she keeps posting stories about moving on and deserving more etc," wrote one fan in the comment section of a TikTok replaying their wedding.

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tiktok comment
Source: tiktok

Another user pointed out that they may not follow each other on Instagram because they are not allowed to until the reunion episode on Oct. 15, 2023, airs. However, we are unable to confirm whether or not that is an actual rule Netflix has mandated.

Another interesting observation is that Milton and Lydia didn't promote the show as frequently on their socials as their cast mates did. Could that be because they might want to block out the entire experience?

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tiktok comment milton lydia
Source: tiktok

Milton allegedly had a girlfriend during 'Love Is Blind,' and he was still talking to her after getting engaged to Lydia.

While we think we know everything about Milton and Lydia's relationship, the truth is that we only saw glimpses of their partnership throughout the season. What about all the stuff that wasn't caught on camera? Perhaps if we were able to see their whole relationship, we would have more confidence that Milton and Lydia are still together. Or perhaps, we would have more confidence that they didn't live happily after and are in fact no longer together.

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We previously shared the allegations with you that Milton had a girlfriend when he went on the show. He was apparently dating someone at the time and still decided to embark on the experiment. He then allegedly contacted this woman two weeks after he left for the show to tell her he was engaged.

milton lydia love is blind
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We thought that was the end of Milton and his ex right then and there. But according to TikTok creator @storytimewithrikkii, he allegedly was still in contact with her after that. @storytimewithrikkii claims that the girl's parents had both unfortunately passed. And when Lydia found out that Milton was still talking to her, she told this woman off and made some insensitive remarks about her late parents. Sounds like some pretty heavy stuff.

While this didn't seem to affect Milton's feelings toward Lydia on his wedding day, there's always the chance that he reexamined the situation. Maybe he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend? Or maybe he didn't like the way Lydia talked to her and wanted out of their marriage.

As a reminder, this is all just a guess. The truth is that we'll just have to tune into the reunion episode on Oct. 15, 2023, at 7 p.m. CST to see where Milton and Lydia stand.

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