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Does Love Die in ‘You'? Season 3 Is Full of Intense Drama

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Oct. 18 2021, Published 9:12 a.m. ET

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 3 of You.

It seems like some of the most popular programming available on major TV stations and streaming services these days has to do with unsavory murders or completely demented characters. Whether it's true crime documentaries about dastardly killers, creeps, and rapists, or dramas about psychotic book-loving stalkers like You, people are just gobbling up all of these tales about deranged people who can't help but destroy good things.

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The aforementioned Netflix series just debuted its third season, which focuses heavily on the relationship between Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti). Now fans are wondering: Does Love die in Season 3 of You?

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Does Love die in Season 3 of 'You'?

It's a fair question, given that both Love and Joe are bonafide killers. At the end of the second season, it was clear that Joe and Love would face plenty of obstacles.

And if you watched any bit of Season 3, it's clear to see that they're in for a heck of a twisted marriage.

Joe ends up falling for a new woman he finds interesting named Marienne. She's all about Joe after she discovers he killed her ex-husband, Ryan. Joe, unable to hide his feelings for Marienne any longer, ends up being completely over his wife, Love (with whom he has a child) and asks her for a divorce.

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Love, being a killer herself (she poisoned her ex), plans the same fate for Joe. However, Joe's fairly well-versed in this whole murder thing and figures Love is going to try and do something to that end.

So he hits himself up with a shot of adrenaline before eating the poisoned dish she has ready for him, and he pretends to be dead.

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After seeing Love go and grab a knife to hack him up and end him once and for all, Joe flips the script on Love and stabs her with an injection of aconite, killing her.

This means that Joe not only killed Love but her brother Forty as well. Joe then goes on to fake his own death, but there's the messy business of who's going to care for their child.

Joe hacks off a couple of his toes and sets his home ablaze. He makes sure to leave his son, Henry, in Dante's care and then sets off to Paris, where he assumes a new identity: Nick.

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So yes, Love is dead in Season 3 of 'You.'

Joe's now set up to wreak havoc on the city of baguettes, cheese, and cobblestone streets, which could be an interesting new sequence of events for both the actor and fans of the show.

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So while all of the seasons of You are raking in huge viewership numbers, a Season 4 in France has all the makings of even more ratings for the deranged Penn Badgley-led drama.

Did you watch Season 3 of You yet? Are you excited to see Joe takes his murderous talents overseas?

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