Does Miona Marry Jibri in ‘90 Day Fiancé’? Or Does She Have to Go Back to Serbia?

Does Miona go back to Serbia? ‘90 Day Fiancé’ fans have watched her and fiancé Jibri argue about their wedding, but we have an idea where they end up.


Jun. 26 2022, Published 2:24 p.m. ET

Miona and Jibri got into a fight about their wedding timeline in the June 19 episode of 90 Day Fiancé, after Jibri relayed his father’s advice to postpone their nuptials. If they did, though, that would likely mean that Miona would have had to go back to Serbia upon the expiration of her 90-day K-1 visa.

For his part, Jibri thought it wise to “continue to have our relationship and get to know each other more and get married at a later date when we have more funds and we’re financially stable.”

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But Miona said that she would “leave [his] ass” if that’s what he wanted. “I would never agree on the option of continuing to date him and go back to Serbia,” she said in a confessional. “That sounds more childish than anything else that he ever said. We were planning on this. I think that people are putting … more stress on him. Jibri should grow up and stop thinking what they’re thinking.”

So, amid that relationship drama, did Miona have to go back to her home country? Potential spoilers ahead!

The couple appears to still be together — and in the United States.

As fans have seen so far, Jibri, a 28-year-old from Rapid City, S.D., met Miona when she attended his band’s show in North Serbia. The couple has since traveled the world together, with Miona recently posting a throwback photo of the two of them celebrating their engagement on a beach in Thailand.

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“Miona can’t wait to move to the United States and envisions a lavish life in Los Angeles, but Jibri recently moved back to his family’s home in South Dakota,” TLC adds in a synopsis for Season 9. “Will Miona be able to accept a life with Jibri in a small town, or will the strains of living with his family, combined with her jealousy, prove to be too much?”

Apparently not! If their Instagram posts are to be believed, Miona and Jibri are still an item and still hanging out in the United States.

In a joint post on May 18, for example, the couple posed for a photo outside Twilight filming locations. “Miona is obsessed with the Twilight series, and she made me sit down and watch every single movie! I can’t lie, I got into it!” Jibri wrote in the caption. “So Miona and I decided to make a trip all the way to Oregon and Washington to see Bella’s house and sneak into the Cullens’ house.”

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Then, on June 5, the couple posed for a selfie that was tagged in Chicago. “Guys!” they wrote. “We are thinking about doing a tour of [the] U.S. so we can meet all of you face to face and make some new friends!”

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Jibri even called Miona his “wife” two years ago.

Jibri seemed to give a 90 Day Fiancé spoiler back in 2020 as he talked to the Serbian publication Telegraf about his relationship with Miona and called her his wife. “This has been my second home,” he said at the time. “My wife’s Serbian, and my life’s Serbian, and everything Serbian to me is right.”

Plus, Miona is on Instagram and Cameo under the name Miona Bell, using Jibri’s last name. So we’re betting that Miona and Jibri did indeed get married by the end of those 90 days, but we’ll have to keep watching to find out for certain!

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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