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Ethan Dolan's Former Music Video Love Interest May Be His New Girlfriend



Sound the alarm! YouTuber Ethan Dolan may be ringing in the New Year with a new woman on his arm. 

The Dolan Twins’ fandom went nuts last week after footage surfaced on social media appearing to show the famous 20-year-old getting cozy on the beach with a pretty brunette.

Who is Ethan Dolan’s rumored girlfriend?

The girl in the photos and videos, which were taken by a fellow beachgoer, is believed to be Kristina Alice, an Australian influencer. The 21-year-old notably played Ethan’s love interest in the 2018 music video for Cub Sport’s "Hawaiian Party," which was directed by the Dolan brothers.

Source: YouTube

On one picture of the couple, the documenter wrote, "He just kissed the girl #exposed." When Ethan’s Instagram followers began questioning the validity of the images, the witness responded, "I sadly didn’t get the photo of them holding hands, but like trust me it was real."

The tipster added, "This was the only footage I got of them because I didn’t want to be rude."

Ethan and Kristina’s Instagram stories confirmed they were together.

The duo seemingly put rumors to rest when they posted nearly identical pictures taken from a ridge overlooking the water. But while Kristina follows Ethan on the social media platform, he has yet to return the favor (though, to be fair, the New Jersey native only follows 38 accounts at the moment).

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Ethan previously admitted in a 2017 interview on MTV’s TRL that he’d be open to dating a fan. In fact, he prefers it! "I would want my girlfriend to be a fan of me ‘cause I would be a fan of whatever she was doing," he shared. And when it comes to finding actual dates, both he and his twin brother Grayson are doing just fine. 

"We’ve been attracted to the same girl at first and then once one guy starts talking to her the other one sees her more as like a sister. Not attractive at all," Ethan noted in a past YouTube video. "There’s really no jealousy between us when it comes to girls."

Ethan has been linked to fellow YouTuber Emma Chamberlain. 

For a long time, the aspiring actor’s subscribers were convinced he was hooking up with Emma given the pair’s obvious chemistry and frequent flirtations. Buzz surrounding these two really came to a head in January when Ethan defended the 18-year-old beauty on Twitter.

Source: YouTube

After a troll wrote, "emma chamberlain isn't relatable she's just got crusty lips and a horrible wardrobe and [a caffeine] addiction," Ethan replied, "Her lips deffffinitely aren’t crusty," leading followers to believe that the duo was more than just friends. However, Emma is now rumored to be dating TikTok star Aaron Hull. 

In the past, the content creator has expressed a desire to keep her romantic life private. "I don’t know if I would ever have a public relationship, ever. And this is not coming from experience in any way; this is coming from morals," she told W Magazine earlier this year. 

"Breakups alone are absolutely the most f--king awful thing that exist. Why would you want other people to be heartbroken with you? I can’t imagine that," she added. "And also, I don’t like seeing other people’s relationships. It’s boring and it’s gross."

We wonder how she feels about this new development in Ethan’s personal life…

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