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Source: jamiemarie2007 / Instagram

These Incredible Halloween Manicures Will Make Up for Your Lack of Costume This Year


Halloween is upon us, and whether or not you have a great costume in mind, it's always fun to celebrate even just a little bit. That's where nails come in

It's possible you don't want to go all out in new wardrobes and face paint, and would prefer to celebrate in a way that's slightly more low-key. While some of these styles are wilder, and therefore a bit more complicated than others, each of these 9 Halloween nail ideas will be sure to wow your friends all month long.

Get creative this year with these spooky Halloween nail ideas:

1. Witchy Nails

Source: specialgirlnails / Instagram

These nails are beautiful because they're not too overstated and you have to look close to realize they're even Halloween-themed. Otherwise, they're just a lovely chrome purple with a matte finish. Add the witchy stamps in white varnish and they're perfect for a spooky costume, then recycle the style without them for the rest of the year.