This 'Fortnite' Summer Escape Quest Wants You to Destroy Stones — How to Complete It Fast

If you’re trying to destroy stones in 'Fortnite' as part of the Summer Escape Quest, here are some tips to help you complete your task.

Jon Bitner - Author

Jul. 11 2023, Published 3:45 p.m. ET

With the Fortnite Summer Escape event in full swing, there are tons of new quests available that offer a bunch of exclusive rewards. One such quest asks you to destroy 10 stones in Fortnite, and it’s a challenge that should take no longer than a few minutes to complete — that is, if you know where to look.

Here’s how to easily destroy stones in Fortnite and claim the Artifact Axe as a reward.

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How to easily destroy stones in 'Fortnite.'

The best way to destroy stones in Fortnite is with your pickaxe. Simply equip the tool (using the button displayed underneath your inventory at the bottom right corner of the screen), then start hacking away at stones. After a few hits, the stone will be destroyed. Repeat that process 10 times to complete the Summer Escape Quest in Fortnite.

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If you’re having trouble finding stones in Fortnite, try looking at the beach south of Kenjutsu Crossing. This location is home to plenty of boulders, and destroying them will count towards your current mission. You can also try looking at most beaches throughout the map, as they’re typically home to an assortment of rocks, boulders, and other stone-type objects.

Stones can even be found randomly as you walk through forests or other biomes. Keep your eyes peeled for any rounded objects protruding out of the ground — with any luck, it should take just a few minutes to complete this objective.

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Your pickaxe is arguably the best way to destroy stones in Fortnite, but you can also use other weapons such as grenades to blast them into pieces. This isn’t recommended, however, as it’s a waste of precious ammunition (and might draw unwanted attention from nearby players).

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What is the reward for destroying stones in 'Fortnite'?

As part of the Summer Escape event, destroying 10 stones will get you the Artifact Axe. This is a cosmetic skin for your standard pickaxe, and there doesn’t seem to be any other way of acquiring the sleek weapon. And since it doesn’t take long to complete the challenge, it’s definitely worth adding to your inventory.

While you’re tackling this quest, consider knocking out a few other seasonal missions — such as falling five stories without taking damage or petting wildlife. Both can be completed without much hassle and offer impressive rewards for minimal effort.

The Summer Escape event ends on July 18, so cash in on these awesome rewards while you can.

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