Source: Pokémon GO

Sylveon Is the Newest Evolution of Eevee! Here Are the Steps to Get One


May. 25 2021, Published 5:14 p.m. ET

Throughout a variety of classic Pokémon games, Eevee is able to evolve into many different iterations, each even cooler and cuter than the last. Evolutions have come about in different ways depending on the Pokémon game being played, but it's always a fair bit of a challenge to accomplish.

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That hasn't changed much in Pokémon GO, but luckily there are some newfound tricks to make the process a bit easier as a player in this particular game. So, how exactly do you get Sylveon in Pokémon GO? Here are the steps required to make it happen.

Source: Pokémon GO
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To get Sylveon in 'Pokémon GO,' you have to evolve Eevee in a specific way.

As previously mentioned, Eevee has had a lot of evolution iterations over the years, and Sylveon is just the latest one to join the roster. However, evolution works a bit differently in Pokémon GO as opposed to other Pokémon games in the past. The evolution process in this game is dictated by feeding the Pokémon a certain number of candies that will eventually evolve them. Candies aren't exactly the easiest thing to come by either, so players constantly work hard to track down enough.

Once you have the required number of candies (25 to be exact for Eevee), you can go ahead and begin the basic evolution process. This will allow the Eevee to randomly turn into Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon, but not Sylveon. To get Sylveon, a different, special step has to be taken.

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If you rename Eevee as Kira it will specifically evolve into Sylveon, which is a fairy-type Pokémon. It's important to note that this specific trick will only work once for each evolution type, so players have to be really sure that Sylveon is the Pokémon they want to go with.

But remember this warning: You must make sure that Sylveon's silhouette is on the evolve button, because if it's not showing it, then there's a high likelihood Eevee might evolve into one of its other iterations.

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The name trick is pretty awesome as it avoids the tedious process where Eevee can become Sylveon by earning 70 buddy hearts. Don't forget though, the 25 candies are still needed for the name trick, and the friendship level between you and the Eevee has to be fairly high for any of this to actually work.

Beyond that, there are even more special types of Sylveon that can be found within the game now. If you come across either a shiny Eevee or a flower crown Eevee, be sure to catch it, as both (after following the same steps) evolve into even more special iterations of Sylveon than the first.

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