The Latest Top 5 Spotify Trend Shows Us What Kinds of Swifties We Are

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jul. 27 2023, Published 11:24 a.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Spotify is offering a promotion that allows users to create a personalized Taylor Swift "Top 5" playlist.
  • To participate in the promotion, users need to follow a link on their phones.
  • From there, they will be prompted to choose five out of Taylor's 10 eras, from her self-titled 2006 album all the way to Midnights.

As Taylor Swift’s US-based Eras tour comes to a close and she gears up for her international tour, her legacy is only growing. Although Taylor was once the biggest voice speaking out against Spotify, she’s now collaborated with the platform after breaking the record for most streams on Spotify in a month to give listeners their very own Top 5 digital cards.

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Luckily, this Top 5 is nothing like the Myspace Top 8. The Taylor Swift Eras Top 5 is a personalized digital card in which we can choose our Top 5 Taylor Swift eras! And, of course, Spotify uses its magical data—who cares about privacy when Spotify can teach us about ourselves?—to tell us what our top T-Swift eras are by our listening histories.

Taylor Swift at the 2023 iHeart Radio Music Awards
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To get the Taylor Swift Top 5 on Spotify, we need to use our phones.

Unfortunately, Spotify’s Taylor Swift Top 5 is only available on smartphones, so there’s no way to access the promotion via desktop. One option for some of us is that Spotify could prompt us to complete Taylor Swift’s ‘My Top 5’ Experience. But for those of us who aren’t currently streaming T-Swift, we have to put in a little more legwork.

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After confirming that our Spotify apps are up to date, we need to go to on our phones. From there, we’re given the option of picking five out of Taylor’s 10 eras, from her self-titled 2006 album all the way to Midnights. It really makes us appreciate how gigantic Taylor’s catalog is, especially considering that she’s only 33 years old.

With 10 hit albums over 17 years, Taylor is truly an unrivaled artist, which is why this Spotify experience is so fun! After we pick our top five eras and place them in our preferred order, the app will organize them into a digital card based on Taylor’s Eras tour.

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To get the Taylor Swift Top 5 by the number of listens, we first need to pick our Top 5.

Perhaps this experience is Spotify and Taylor’s market research of which of her eras fans say they like the best versus which they actually listen to the most. While some people’s chosen five might be the same exact Spotify picks as their top listens, others might have completely different selections.

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Basically, after we pick our top 5s, Spotify will prompt us to continue with the experience. If we qualify, Spotify will compile our Top 5 eras by our Taylor Swift listening histories as of 2017. To qualify, we only need to have listened to music from more than five of Taylor’s albums … we can confidently say that we should be fine. And we bet anyone reading this article will qualify for their very own Top 5 digital card by number of listens.

Taylor Swift isn’t the first artist with a Top 5 experience on Spotify.

Although Taylor may seem like the most listened-to artist of all time, there are plenty of artists just as popular, if not more popular, than Taylor. In fact, Taylor is second in monthly listeners to the Weeknd in 2023 so far, and she has never been the most listened-to Spotify artist in one year. Before creating the Top 5 experience with Taylor, Spotify collaborated with The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, ROSALÍA, and BTS.

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We’re hoping for a Paramore Top 5 next!

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