You Can Ride Boars and Wolves in the New Season of 'Fortnite' — Here's How

Sara Belcher - Author

Jun. 6 2022, Published 4:49 p.m. ET

After the live event that closed out Chapter 3, Season 2 of Fortnite and concluded the long-running Zero Point storyline in the game, players can rejoice in their success against the Imagined Order and take a minute to chill. Season 3 of the popular battle royale game is themed "Vibin'," giving players a chance to let loose and just enjoy the game for a little bit.

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Like with all new seasons, there's not only a variety of new battle pass characters to collect and fun emotes, items, and more brought in, but there are also some exciting new features — like being able to ride the animals.

In Season 3, there are a variety of animals that players can hop on the back of to ride around the island. Rideable creatures isn't a new thing in Fortnite, but some are still confused as to how to ride them. Here's your guide.

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What animals can you ride in Season 3 of 'Fortnite'?

Being able to ride an animal around the map is something Fortnite's developers have played with in the past. When raptors and other dinosaurs were briefly brought to the title, players could ride them — so long as they followed the appropriate steps beforehand.

Wolves and boars were also previously rideable in the game, and if you managed to grab onto a chicken, it would let you fly short distances.

Alternatively, you could also tame these animals so that they could assist you in battle, attacking enemies at your request.

In Chapter 3, Season 3 of Fortnite, players can once again ride wolves and boars around the map. In previous seasons, players needed a saddle if they wanted to ride one of these creatures around, and they also needed to tame them first if they were particularly aggressive.

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Here's how to ride animals in Season 3 of 'Fortnite.'

Thankfully, riding the wolves and boars in Season 3 is a bit simpler than it has been in previous seasons. For starters, you'll need to locate the animal of your choice before you can ride it.

Wolves tend to stay away from the more industrialized areas of the map, so you'll find them in groups in the wooded areas or away from places that get high foot traffic. Boars, on the other hand, aren't afraid of these parts of the map. The most reliable way to find a boar is to listen for its snort.

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Once you've found the animal you'd like to ride, you'll have to get close enough to it to jump on its back. This will require a little bit of stealth, as these animals can be easily scared and may also attack you if you don't do this right. If you happen to have meat in your bag, you can use this to make the animal a bit tamer before trying to hop on its back.

When you feel confident enough, all you have to do is hop on the animal's back to ride it.

Unlike in previous seasons, you'll be able to shoot your weapons while riding the boar or wolf. If your animal begins to get tired while you're riding it, then you just need to feed it some food from your bag to replenish its energy.

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