Fans of 'Is It Cake?' Have Some Thoughts About Host Mikey Day β€” And They Aren't All Great

There are a lot of strong fan reactions to Mikey Day as the 'Is It Cake?' host, whether viewers love him or have the ick when it comes to the 'SNL' alum.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jul. 6 2023, Updated 10:44 a.m. ET

Mikey Day
Source: Netflix

The Netflix competition cooking show Is It Cake? takes an internet phenomenon and turns it into a contest wherein bakers from all over the country compete for a monetary prize and recognition for their work. Contestants create hyper-realistic cakes that resemble either other food items, like hamburgers, or non-food things, like beach accessories or even clothing. Viewers love the concept, but what about the Is it Cake? host, Mikey Day?

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Although Mikey Day was already a member of the Saturday Night Live cast and known for his comedic timing before he was cast as the Is It Cake? host, there are a lot of fans who aren't wild about Mikey as the face of the series.

Some have taken to Twitter or TikTok to share their dislike of how he delivers lines or appears to be less than enthusiastic about his role on the show.

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There are a lot of 'Is It Cake?' fan reactions to Mikey Day as the host.

If you sift through all of the negative fan reactions on social media regarding Mikey as the show's host, you can find some positive reviews. But right now, there are a number of thoughts about Mikey being, more often than not, incredibly annoying.

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Some Is It Cake? fans love the show, but they actually want Netflix to fire Mikey as the host. It's a good thing for any Netflix reality competition series to get so much attention, but not when a good chunk of it is on the negative spectrum and directed toward Mikey.

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Another fan tweeted that they would have preferred a different host in Mikey's place. More specifically, according to the fan, Nicole Byer, who hosts Nailed It! on Netflix already. Whether you love Mikey as the Is It Cake? host or not, Nicole would have been a solid choice too.

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One viewer shared a TikTok video in which they called Mikey "repulsive" as the host and said that he can't tell if the jokes are "supposed to be satire or not." Honestly, that has to sting for a reality show host who is also a comedian.

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Of course there are Is It Cake? viewers who enjoy watching Mikey as the host. He certainly isn't a nobody and he has experience working an audience. But there seem to be far more opinions against him.

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But there are those who like the show who still aren't totally sold on the host. Maybe Mikey's strategy is to appear corny and deliver silly cake puns on purpose. But a lot of viewers aren't here for it.

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Another viewer posted a video on TikTok from Is It Cake? and called Mikey "a menace to society." In the words of Alicia Silverstone as Cher a la Clueless, that's way harsh.

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Some 'Is It Cake?' fans do like Mikey Day as the host.

For what it's worth, those Is It Cake? fans who might have had the ick when the show began didn't really sway Netflix in getting rid of the host. And that could be because there are still viewers who like his quirky sense of humor and enjoy Mikey as the host.

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The issue could just be that viewers needed time to warm up to Mikey as the host. Sure, there are still some naysayers left over from when the serious originally dropped on Netflix. But after Season 2 premiered, more fans were ready to accept the trust host.

Mikey might not be winning many fan points as the host of Is It Cake? but viewers are still eating up each episode. No pun intended, although clearly, we are channeling our inner Mikey Day here.

Watch Is it Cake? on Netflix.

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