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OMG! 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' Just Killed Off a Major Arrowverse Character



[Warning: Major spoilers ahead]

The Crisis is finally here ... 

Our Arrowverse heroes came together (via The Monitor) to try and make a stand against the Anti-Monitor in Part 1 of Crisis on Infinite Earths. As the anti-matter loomed over Earth-38, the Quantum Tower set up by The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) helped keep it at bay as billions of civilians attempted to evacuate the doomed earth. 

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Unfortunately, the red skies and impending anti-matter that was sweeping across the multiverse was not the only thing our DC heroes had to deal with. The Anti-Monitor also sent his shadow army to face-off against Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and the rest of the Arrowverse supers. 

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In the final moments, The Monitor forced everyone to retreat Earth-38, as there was no stopping the anti-matter. However, the Green Arrow went against the all-powerful being and disobeyed his orders, fighting the shadow army until he was struck down. In his act of bravery and defiance, Oliver saved an additional 1 billion people. 

Sadly, it cost him his life, which left many fans questioning: Is Oliver really dead?

Is Oliver Queen really dead after Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 1?

Though fans knew that Oliver was destined to die in the impending Crisis, it still came as a shock that he was killed off this early on in the five-part series. Hey, even The Monitor was surprised, telling Supergirl (Melissa Marie Benoist) and The Flash (Grant Gustin) that he did not foresee this ending. 

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 "The dilemma that we presented to our own selves was that we spoiled our own story,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim explained (via Entertainment Weekly). “So if Oliver dying isn’t the surprise, what is the surprise? And the timing of him dying, because I think we kinda figured the audience is expecting that Oliver would die in the climax in the fifth hour." 

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He continued: "So if we went in the opposite direction and killed him off at the end of [Part 1], we accomplish two things: Hopefully we do surprise the audience. That’s absolutely the intention. But we also really establish the stakes that going into the next four hours, ‘Wow, if Oliver Queen can die, then no one is safe.'”  

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With a major change of events, this seemingly alters the fate of every single character, one that The Monitor did not predict. According to EW, Oliver's closest friends will all grieve the Green Arrow's death in different ways. “Some of them believe it’s over. Some of them believe we can fix this. Some of them are not wanting to even think about it. Everyone has a different approach to it and that helps generate the story for the episode," Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries told the outlet.

Though our favorite vigiliante has seemingly met his fate, actor Stephen Amell's IMDB page credits the actor in all five Crisis episodes. So, is the Green Arrow really dead?

What was the significance of seeing Earth-16 2046 Oliver Queen?

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In Part 1 of the mega-crossover event, Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch) venture to the alternate world of Earth-16 in the future after baby Jonathan Kent’s ship was sucked into a worm hole and landed in the future, 2046 to be exact. However, this is not the first time Arrowverse fans have been introduced to this alternate time period. 

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In Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow, this timeline reflects the future of Star City if the team never defeated Vandal Savage. This future version of the Green Arrow has lost all hope (not to mention his arm), and is weighed down by the guilt of losing his Earth's version of Sara. 

However, Captain Lance seemingly gives 2046 Oliver peace of mind and rejoins the team in present day, but not before telling him that he is a good man on every earth. Cue the sobs. 

So, why show viewers this future version of the Green Arrow? With the death of Earth-1's Oliver, could this be setting up the storyline of Earth-16's vigilante joining our band of heroes? 

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 2 will air Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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