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Source: CW

OMG! 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' Just Killed Off a Major Arrowverse Character


[Warning: Major spoilers ahead]

The Crisis is finally here ... 

Our Arrowverse heroes came together (via The Monitor) to try and make a stand against the Anti-Monitor in Part 1 of Crisis on Infinite Earths. As the anti-matter loomed over Earth-38, the Quantum Tower set up by The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) helped keep it at bay as billions of civilians attempted to evacuate the doomed earth. 

Unfortunately, the red skies and impending anti-matter that was sweeping across the multiverse was not the only thing our DC heroes had to deal with. The Anti-Monitor also sent his shadow army to face-off against Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and the rest of the Arrowverse supers.