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Source: USA

Is 'Temptation Island' Scripted? The Deal With the Cheating Reality TV Show


It's been over a decade since the reality TV show first aired, but Temptation Island is back. If you were too young when the show first came out, or the Bachelor convinced you to give reality television love a chance, Temptation Island follows four unmarried couples as they mingle with an island full of uncommitted strangers, to see if the two can really remain loyal to each other.

Some call it the test of a relationship's strength, but honestly, we're not sure why anyone would subject themselves to this.

The reboot of the show revealed its fourth season at the beginning of 2019, and did so well that it was renewed for a fifth season a month later. But, like with most reality television, we have some questions. Like is the show scripted? Why do these couple commit to potentially cheating?