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Source: Instagram

Turns Out, 'The Bachelor' Contestants Do Get a Say in the Kind of Dates They Go On


Season 24 of The Bachelor featured fast-escalating cat-fights, a fatal row over a stolen champagne bottle, and of course, a handful of romantic dates that had viewers cooing unstoppably. 

The show features scenes ranging from pillow fighting — or, as it was described during "Episode 3," an anger-release method designed with the feuding inhabitants of the villa in mind — to candid confessions detailing a contestants' childhood experiences. 

No wonder some fans are asking: Is The Bachelor scripted

So, is 'The Bachelor' scripted?

Some scenes appearing on the show feature a lot of props like vintage pickup trucks or feather pillows, while others are set at grandiose external locations like airplane hangars. 

Although an official statement detailing the producers' involvement in the show is yet to be published, it's perhaps reasonable to assume that the most jaw-dropping, sensational, and unexpected scenes, challenges, and dates are the results of some careful diary-management and negotiation with external providers.