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Source: Getty Images

Luke Perry Was Snubbed by the Oscars' In Memoriam Segment, and the Internet Is Furious


One of the longest standing traditions at the Oscars is the In Memoriam segment, which pays tribute to the stars that Hollywood lost over the past year. 

Almost as long as that tradition‘s been around, there’s also been a tradition of outrage around the mistakes that that segment makes. This year, that mistake cas the snubbing of Luke Perry, the former film and TV star who died at 52 in March of 2019. 

Luke Perry was missing from the In Memoriam reel

Every year, there‘s at least one mistake in the Oscars’ In Memoriam reel that leaves the internet furious. This year, though, the omission of Luke Perry is especially glaring, in part because he was in one of the most nominated movies at last night’s ceremony — Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood

Although Luke's part in that movie is small, there were plenty who felt that it gave the Academy plenty of justification to include Luke in the In Memoriam segment.