Man Posts Video of Himself Stuck in a Work Closet — The End of the Story Is So Phil Dunphy

Dillon White showed off his inner Phil Dunphy after being stuck in a work closet for hours. Was he able to escape unharmed?

Emma Saletta - Author

Sep. 16 2023, Published 3:08 p.m. ET

Known by his TikTok handle as @dadchats, Dillon White had an unlikely and frightening ordeal on July 28, 2023 after he accidentally locked himself in a closet at work. The influencer appeared nervous and anxious, and did everything he could to make the best of the situation going on.

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"I am trapped in a closet at work and don't have any reception to be able to call anyone 'cause my dumb a** pulled a little too hard on the handle," Dillon admitted. "It's a Friday, so like no one is here."

Since no one was coming to his rescue, he decided to have a little fun with his unfortunate situation.

"We're just gonna record this in my camera roll, and if I survive, then it'll be a really funny recollection of what happened," he says in the video.

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"If I don't survive, then it'll be a really funny recollection with a dark twist," he adds.

So, what did Dillon do in the closet during this time? Did he survive the ordeal unscathed? Find out below!

The man sure managed to stay busy while he was stuck in the work closet.

Despite his fears, Dillon was able to find ways to pass the time while stuck in the closet. He debated an escape attempt through the ceiling, showed viewers blankets and mugs that are kept in the closet, and even played patty cake by himself.

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While taking off his sweatshirt, he began to talk about a list of all the things his kids get upset about. "Number one is obviously me thinking that Riley asked if it hurts to have rabies, but she actually asked if it hurt to have babies," said Dillon.

Instead of going into further detail, the clearly very bored dad talked more about the surroundings, and it seemed to be getting more unpleasant as time went on.

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"I still do not have any reception... I'm very hungry," he said at 3:59 p.m. CT. He later laid on a blanket and began singing songs, which appeared to have worked to keep him occupied — a tiny bit.

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He eventually claimed that he was going to "die in a cupboard," and that he needed to go to the bathroom. What a predicament!

"I don't know if I should pee in my pants or if I should just pee in here," said Dillon.

"When I first started I was like, 'This will be super funny and I'll be in here for like 15 minutes, and then when I come out I'll post and it'll be so funny,'" he said. "Now I'm sitting here going like, 'I miss that Dillon, I miss that naive Dillon.'"

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So, did the man escape without any permanent damage after being stuck in the work closet?

"It has been 2-1/2 hours. I am drenched in sweat, I'm starving, I'm dehydrated, and I still really need to pee," Dillon later updated his followers. "I've lost at least 18 pounds probably, I've sang the entirety of 'Danny Boy' four or five times... I played Patty cake with myself a lot."

Thankfully, a drenched Dillon was eventually let out, but the joke was on him in the end.

The truth was, he found out that he had the power to escape from the closet the entire time, and could've avoided his time in there, although he sure entertained us in the meantime.

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"As it turns out, the handle was broken on the inside, but not from the outside," he said. "All I had to was just push."

Oh, dear. Oh, Dillon. We are thinking about a certain TV character you remind us of.

Indeed, many TikTokers compared Dillion to Phil Dunphy from Modern Family, with one commenting, "This is like Phil Dunphy making videos for his kids every time he thought he was in danger."

"My vibe," Dillon wrote back, clearly having decided to make the best out of his adventure.

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