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Source: Christopher Smith/Netflix

Farmer Matt Brings Country Charm and an Open Heart to 'Queer Eye'


Queer Eye Season 4 only just started streaming on Netflix, but we're already loving this season's heroes! Matt Moreland, aka "Farmer Matt," made us a little nervous in the trailer when he said he'd "never had an in-depth conversation with a gay person before," but as we've since seen, this country fella is anything but closed-minded.

Who is Matt Moreland from Queer Eye

He's a fourth generation dairy farmer living in the rural town of Harrisonville, Mo. The Fab Five paid a visit to Matt just one week after his divorce was finalized. Matt told the boys he was the first person ever in his conservative family to get a divorce. "And it was painful," he said during his Queer Eye episode. "It was embarrassing and not something I would wish on anybody."