Max Ehrich Was Called a "Borderline Stalker" in This Viral Twitter Thread

Shannon Raphael - Author

Oct. 12 2020, Updated 11:31 p.m. ET

Source: Instagram

Just six months after the duo began dating, Demi Lovato's whirlwind engagement to singer and actor Max Ehrich has reportedly come to an end.

While the two have not explicitly confirmed the breakup themselves, inside sources have spoken to People about the various issues that contributed to the demise of their romance. After quarantining together for the entire duration of their relationship, the sources shared that Max and Demi began to fight once they resumed their regular work schedules. 

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After quarantining together for the entire duration of their relationship, the sources shared that Max and Demi began to fight once they resumed their regular work schedules. 

"Demi and Max were basically together 24/7 for months," one insider shared. "They lived in a bubble with zero stress, and everything was just fun. Now they are both working and are on separate coasts."

Demi's family and loved ones also reportedly had been expressing doubts about how quickly the relationship was progressing. 

Plus, Max's old tweets about Selena Gomez resurfaced recently, which further complicated things because of Demi's past with the "Rare" singer.

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Source: Instagram

Since their breakup was unofficially announced, rumors about Max's intentions have plagued the Under the Dome actor — with some people even calling Max a stalker? 

Keep reading to find out about the Twitter thread that has gone viral, and how some are saying that he's been trying to get famous by associating himself with other stars for years. 

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So, why are some fans accusing Max Ehrich of being a stalker?

On Sept. 18, 2020, Twitter user Tam (@FBCHKDMG) posted a now-viral thread about Max's history of commenting on posts from public figures. 

The series of tweets has since received more than 11,000 "likes," and it utilizes videos and screenshots that are allegedly from Max's social media accounts. It is important to note that these photos and videos cannot be corroborated, and that the actor has allegedly deleted some of these online interactions.

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"Exposing Demi Lovato’s manipulative fiancé, Max Ehrich, who is an obsessive fame leech," the thread begins. The original poster said that Max has been "obsessive" about trying to increase his fame.

"For over a decade now, Max has CONSISTENTLY engaged in worrying, frankly scary, obsessive, borderline stalker behavior," the user wrote.

The thread continued with a screen recording of Max commenting flirty messages or emojis on posts from Gigi Hadid, Noah Cyrus, Ashley Benson, Hannah Stocking, and Paris Hilton.

To make matters worse, these were allegedly done during the week when he was first introduced to his future fiancée.

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On other accounts, including Lil Nas X's Instagram, Max would allegedly comment "FBCHKDMG," which stands for "Follow Back, Check Direct Messages, G."  

According to the thread, Demi first noticed Max when she saw that he commented flirty messages on her posts in late February of 2020. 

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Max Ehrich's comments about Selena Gomez got fans buzzing.

The subsequent tweets in the thread noted Max's longtime infatuation with Selena Gomez. In a screen recording from an Instagram Live, Max referred to the "Lose You to Love Me" singer as "amazing." He also said that he liked "everything she stands for," before adding that he "love[s] her."

The series of tweets noted that Max had previously expressed wanting to date Selena on his Twitter feed, but he has since deleted the post. 

He also allegedly "liked" messages about "Maxlena," which would be their couple name. 

When Instagram accounts were made to ship the romance between Max and Selena, Max apparently would like the photos and comments as well.

The user featured screenshots of Max commenting on Selena's various Instagram live videos, and he referred to him as his "wife," and he asked to go to church with her. 

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Finally, the Twitter user claimed that Max and Selena had the same tattoo of a music note on their wrists. The actor once posted a photo of an "S" tattoo on the inside of his wrist with the caption, "One day, I'll marry you." The post has since been deleted from his page. 

Another portion of the thread pointed out that Max would message his fans about liking his posts in exchange for a follow back. Others shared screenshots of their DM exchanges with him, in which he promised to give fans his WhatsApp in exchange for them spamming his comments section. 

Neither Max nor Demi has commented on the breakup at this time, and they haven't said if the subjects included in the viral tweet had anything to do with it. 

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