'The Ultimatum' Fans Are Obsessed With the "Maybe" Poem Recited on the Show

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Apr. 15 2022, Published 11:13 a.m. ET

The Ultimatum
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert: Spoilers for The Ultimatum finale and reunion are ahead.

When The Ultimatum finale and reunion special dropped on Netflix on April 13, fans couldn't wait to watch the conclusion of this social experiment unfold. And there were definitely some surprises along the way. One detail that caught the attention of viewers was a poem titled "Maybe," which was recited during one of the weddings in the finale.

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Did Madelyn and Colby get married on 'The Ultimatum'?

If you tuned into Season 1 of The Ultimatum, then you're familiar with the rollercoaster ride that was Colby Kissinger and Madelyn Ballatori's relationship. It was unclear, even right up until the end, what they were going to choose. Would Colby, who initially issued the ultimatum, propose? And would Madelyn even accept, considering his infidelity and the fact that he said he didn't regret it? There was also the close bond Madelyn formed during her three-week trial marriage with Randall to take into consideration.

Madelyn and Colby The Ultimatum
Source: Netflix
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Episode 9 revealed the fates of all the original couples from The Ultimatum. It also featured the weddings of those who decided to become engaged — including Colby and Madelyn!

What is the "Maybe" poem from 'The Ultimatum'?

During Madelyn and Colby's wedding ceremony, the officiant recited a poem titled "Maybe," which highlighted the imperfections and trials that come with love. Although some viewers thought Colby may have written the piece, the author of "Maybe" is actually anonymous.

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Colby and Madelyn's wedding
Source: Netflix

We've transcribed the poem as it was read on the show, although there are several iterations of it floating around online. It goes:

"Maybe we are supposed to meet the wrong people before we meet the right one so when we finally arrive, we are truly grateful for the gift we have been given.

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"Maybe it’s true that we don’t know what we’ve lost until we lose it, but it is also true that we don’t know what we’re missing until it arrives.

"Maybe the happiest of people don’t have the best of everything but they make the best of everything that comes their way.

"Maybe the art of true love is not about finding the perfect person but about seeing an imperfect person perfectly."

Reactions to the "Maybe" poem were mixed.

Although throngs of viewers searched the exact words of the "Maybe" poem on Google after viewing Episode 9, not everyone was a fan. One Twitter user declared, "I swear if anyone asks me to read the 'Maybe' poem from The Ultimatum at their wedding while I officiate it, I’ll turn that wedding down. It’s cursed."

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Another viewer tweeted, "Call me a hater but I was not feeling that 'Maybe' poem."

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Yet another person accurately summed it up with this tweet: "Madelyn from The Ultimatum is that friend you have who you give them one drink and they'll either recite a love poem to you or be savage as all hell. No middle ground. I love it."

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Are Madelyn and Colby still together today?

Yes, they are!

During Episode 10 of The Ultimatum, viewers learned that not only were Madelyn and Colby still together today but they are also expecting a baby. Madelyn revealed she was seven months pregnant with a baby girl during the reunion — and on April 14, she shared via Instagram that her due date is just three weeks away.

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Colby and pregnant Madelyn
Source: Netflix

Hopefully, Madelyn and Colby continue to share about their relationship via social media — and about their parenthood journey once their little one arrives. We wish them the very best.

Season 1 of The Ultimatum is now streaming on Netflix.

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