'Love Is Blind': Miriam Allegedly Almost Got Engaged to This Contestant, but Netflix Didn't Air It

Season 5 'Love Is Blind' contestant Miriam may have had a boyfriend prior to the show. Also, she did allegedly find love in the pods, but it was cut.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Oct. 6 2023, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

Miriam Amah
Source: netflix

The Gist:

  • Miriam Amah is a contestant on Love Is Blind Season 5.
  • She garnered attention while in the pods after giving vague and contradictory answers to Uche about her background and skincare business.
  • There is talk that she almost got engaged in the pods to one of the men, but it was never shown during the season.
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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 5 of Love Is Blind.

One character who has gotten lots of attention on Love Is Blind Season 5 is Miriam. She first raised brows in the pods while talking to Uche after she gave some interesting answers to him about her background.

During this cryptic conversation, she tells Uche she is a scientist, but also works in academia. She shares contradicting details about where she lives. On top of that, she also says she has a skincare business but neglects to explain what she sells.

That said, Miriam doesn't seem to be the most credible person on the show. Is there anything else she could have lied about? Like a boyfriend? Keep reading to find out.

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Miriam Amah
Source: netflix

Did Miriam have a boyfriend before joining the show? Uche hinted that she might have.

In Episode 8, Uche is telling a bunch of women from the show about Lydia at a cast get-together in Houston. As Miriam tries to weigh in on the situation, Uche ignores her and tries to dismiss her. As he walks away from the couches, he calls her "bitter" and "fake." He then goes on to ask hypothetical questions about her background, trying to expose her in front of everyone. "Do you live in Saudi Arabia? Or do you live in Houston?" he says. "Do you have a business? Do you now have a business?"

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Uche Okoroha, Izzy Zapata, Christopher Fox, Johnie Maraist, Maris Prakonekham, Miriam Amah, Renee Poche, Stacy Snyder
Source: netflix

Uche then says: "Do you have a boyfriend? Do you not have a boyfriend?"

Uche asking this suggests that Miriam may have told him in the pods that she wasn't actually single when the show began. However, we currently cannot find any information confirming that she was with someone going into the experiment.

It does appear though that something bad seemingly happened between Uche and Miriam off-camera as they were really going at it at the get-together.

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miriam connor
Source: netflix

Miram and Connor allegedly formed a deep connection in the pods, but didn't get engaged.

Miriam may have almost gotten engaged in the pods to Connor.

One user on Reddit claimed that Miriam was actually Connor and were actually talking in the pods and almost got engaged. "I’m friends with someone on the show and Connor and Miriam were talking in the pods, but Connor apparently broke up with her on proposal day," read their comment.

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Furthermore, there is a quick scene at the beginning of the season where Connor is shown in the men's corridors during the pods phase of the experiment where he claims Miriam is his first pick. That said, it would make sense that they almost got engaged.

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In fact, many viewers took notice of that scene and were confused why Miriam and Connor's relationship — at least in the pods — wasn't shown on the show. Hopefully, we'll get more details on Miriam and Connor's relationship soon.

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