Utah Mom Pays Daughter $500 to Go on 100 Dates With 100 Different Guys — Here's Why

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Jul. 28 2023, Published 2:02 p.m. ET

Finding love isn’t for the faint of heart; just ask anyone who’s had the displeasure of dating in the digital age.

Although swiping on dating apps and sliding into the DMs has been successful for some, other singles haven’t had the best luck. But if you or someone you know is looking to settle down, it might be a good idea to head out west to Utah.

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It’s a long-running joke that people who live in the mostly Mormon state get married not long after they first start dating.

It’s pretty normal for couples to get married fresh out of high school if not in their early college years — that’s exactly why this mom went to drastic measures to make sure her daughter didn’t put all of her eggs in one basket.

In a video that has gained massive popularity on TikTok, a mom gifted her daughter $500 for going on 100 dates with 100 different men and the internet approves.

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A Utah mom pays her daughter $500 to go on 100 dates with 100 men.

Utah is the city of love — or at least it seems that way due to the massive number of young people getting married in the state. This mom made sure her daughter wasn’t one of those young people in this now-viral video posted by @alysecarolyn.

“When your mom pays your sister $500 for going on 100 dates with 100 different guys before getting married,” the TikToker wrote in the caption.

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Alyse's clip shows a homemade cake with candles celebrating her sister’s 100th first date. Additionally, her sister got the payout that was promised by their mom. On the table sat five balloons with $100 in each one.

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Although it’s unclear how old the guest of honor is in the video, Alyse said it “took her a few years” to get through the long list of names that were stored in her notes app.

As one commenter said, Mom’s method was very much giving “sprinkle sprinkle” and we’re not mad about it.

“Honestly this is [a] golden idea,” said @maylee3454. “But I’d need a lot more [than] $500 to do 100 first dates. It’s rough out there.”

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A TikTok user named Dana added: “As someone who had to go on a ridiculous number of dates before I met my BF, it would have been nice to get a little bonus gift for it.”

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Another person suggested that this entire scenario was top-tier material for a major motion picture. “This is the start of a rom-com but she falls in love with guy 99 and drama ensues,” the user added.

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In the comment section, some users also questioned why her mom would go to such lengths. This user summed it up perfectly: “So she doesn't think the first dude to show up with flowers is her soulmate, she wants her daughter to get the best guy for her.”

“Because Utah women are raised to lock down with a husband asap. she's trying to make sure her daughter doesn't get trapped with the first guy she [meets,]” someone else chimed in.

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According to statistics, Mom’s advice was pretty spot-on. Per a study published by Shane Co., Utahans get married younger than couples in any other state, likely due to the influence of the FLDS church.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, and now, our good sis has met at least 100 of them!

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