Did Parker and Tyler From ‘Gold Rush’ Start Dating After He Broke up With Ashley Youle?

'Gold Rush' fans have speculated that Parker and Tyler from the show are dating, but is there any evidence of this?

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jun. 17 2022, Published 1:27 p.m. ET

tyler and parker gold rush
Source: YouTube | @Discovery Australia

If you're a notable TV personality, then people are going to want to know the particulars of your life. The type of car you drive; the hair products that you use; your favorite meals, TV shows, and vacation spots; and of course, your romantic relationships. This is especially true if folks think there's a chance two people on the same show may have the hots for each other.

Gold Rush fans thought that a romance was possible between Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney, but are the two dating? Or have they at any point?

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Are Parker and Tyler from 'Gold Rush' dating?

Unless you're close friends of either of these TV personalities and know otherwise, there's nothing to suggest online or on-air that these two have dated or are currently dating.

Tyler Mahoney comes from a long line of Australian prospectors and grew up in the mining town of Kalgoorlie.

Parker and Tyler Gold Rush
Source: Instagram | @tyler_m_mahoney
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While the young woman has uploaded pictures of her hard at work with Parker Schnabel — they went digging for gold in Oz for a 10-episode order: Parker's Trail: Australia — it doesn't look like the two are romantically involved at all and instead have a working relationship.

This, however, hasn't stopped folks from speculating that Parker and Tyler could possibly be an item, and this is due to the fact that Parker has done much to keep his affections off-camera during the show while he was dating Ashley Youle. In fact, Discovery camera ops even placed a bet on who would be the first person to catch Parker and Ashley sharing a kiss while they were together on the show.

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There's also the fact that Parker's trip to the land down under doesn't seem to be one and done. As discussed in this Reddit post, Parker purchased some land in Australia, as he's looking to broaden his prospecting horizons to another continent.

According to a Discovery press release (per The Blast) ahead of Gold Rush's season that aired in 2020: "His goal is to bank enough gold to buy new ground and he’s determined not to let the COVID-19 pandemic slow him down."

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The release continued, "As soon as he can, Parker assembles his crew and doubles down – opening two enormous operations. This season, Parker will rely more than ever on his crew to keep his operation running while he heads out to prospect new ground in Alaska and beyond.'"

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However, there aren't any other sources that confirm whether or not Parker's actually purchased land there. Could this possibly just be a case of "reality TV magic" where producers are keeping their options open for the possibility of a "sequel" to Parker's "Aussie only" season?

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Fans speculated that if he indeed did purchase land in Australia, then that would be all the more reason for him to spend more time with Tyler, which may mean that the two have some type of romantic connection, or time for one to develop at all. The real question is: Why do so many people care? The show's about him digging for gold, and maybe he's like Jake Johnson: He just wants to keep his private life private.

That still hasn't stopped folks from speculating that he and Tyler are an item, however, with some outlets reporting that the two are indeed, boyfriend and girlfriend.

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