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Source: Instagram

The Plath Family Lost Their 17-Month-Old Son in a Tragic Farming Accident


If you're looking to fill the void that the cancelation of the Duggar's Counting On left behind, then Welcome to Plathsville should be right up your alley.

Following the very religious and anti-tech Plath family, Welcome to Plathsville follows the couple Kim and Barry and their nine children as they're raised on their small Georgia farm. It's meant to be a look into the small-town Southern farm life, but it's really just as outrageous as it sounds like it would be.

But while this family of 11 sounds like they're leading a happy life, there once was one more child in the family. Just over a decade ago, Kim and Barry's son, Joshua, died on the farm.

While the family has come to terms with the death of their son, it's still something they have to deal with today, and we watch them continue to cope with it during the first season of the show.