How Rhett and Link Went from Childhood Pranks to an Unbelievable Net Worth

YouTubers Rhett and Link have been making videos and podcasts since 2009, and now fans are wondering what their combined net worth is.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Oct. 10 2023, Published 12:13 p.m. ET

Rhett and Link
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The Gist:

  • Rhett and Link, lifelong friends and popular YouTubers, have amassed a combined net worth of $40 million through their YouTube careers and various business ventures.
  • They own Mythical Entertainment, a production company with over 100 employees, which has been a significant source of income. They have also engaged in numerous brand collaborations and sponsorships.
  • Beyond YouTube, Rhett and Link have appeared on television, authored books, released comedy albums, toured internationally, and expanded their wealth through merchandising, acquisitions, and investments in other social media stars' businesses.
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Lifelong friends Rhett and Link have achieved the seemingly impossible. They took their fourth-grade friendship to new heights as adults, bringing their childhood dreams to reality, and making millions of dollars in the process. The YouTubers became friends when they were forced to stay inside during recess after they wrote curse words on their desks—they knew it was fate.

Both Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal studied engineering in college, but their comedic and musical aspirations were always at the forefront of their lives. So despite their impressive degrees, they decided to quit their engineering careers to become the Good Mythical Morning YouTubers we know and love. But what is their net worth?

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Rhett and Link
Source: Getty Images

Rhett and Link have an estimated combined net worth of $40 million.

As the 4th highest-paid YouTubers in the world in 2019, Rhett and Link made a combined $18 million that year alone. The following year, they made $20 million. By 2023, we can estimate that they’ve been raking in an average of $25 million per year from their YouTube careers. And if money was that simple, their net worth would be much higher than $20 million per person, but you need to spend money to make money!

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Rhett McLaughlin

YouTuber, Actor, Musician

Net worth: $20 million

Rhett McLaughlin is a comedian, YouTuber, podcaster, actor, and musician known for Good Mythical Morning, Ear Biscuits, and his band, James and the Shame.

Birth name: Rhett James McLaughlin

Birthplace: Macon, Ga.

Birthdate: Oct. 11, 1977

Spouse: Jessie McLaughlin (née Lane), m. June 2001

Children: Locke McLaughlin (b. 2004), Shepherd McLaughlin (b. 2008)

Education: North Carolina State University, magna cum laude in Dec. 2000

Rhett and Link own their production company, Mythical Entertainment, which hosts several media properties, such as their original Rhett and Link to their most recent venture, Good Mythical Evening. But through this, they are home to several YouTube channels and podcasts, some of which they’re part of, and others which are run by friends and colleagues.

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Link Neal

YouTuber, Actor, Musician

Net worth: $20 million

Link Neal is a comedian, YouTuber, podcaster, actor, and musician known for Good Mythical Morning, Ear Biscuits, and other business-entertainment ventures.

Birth name: Charles Lincoln Neal III

Birthplace: Durham, N.C.

Birthdate: June 1, 1978

Spouse: Christy White Neal, m. 2000

Children: Lilian Grace (b. 2003), Charles Lincoln Neal IV (b. 2005), Lando James (b. 2010)

Education: North Carolina State University, summa cum laude in May 2001

With over 100 employees, Mythical Entertainment is a money-making machine for Rhett and Link. In fact, even before they created their own channel, they collaborated with corporations to create sponsored content, web ads, and silly songs, which monetized a lot of their early ventures. They worked with brands like AJJ Cornhole, Alka-Seltzer, McDonald’s, Cadillac, and many more.

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As a duo, Rhett and Link have gone on to appear on television, participate in cooking shows, guest on late-night talk shows, written and published two books, and released seven comedy albums. They’ve also toured the United States and Australia, and have also performed live in London. Between performing and their production company, it’s no surprise that Rhett and Link have amassed as much wealth as they have.

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But that’s not all! They also sell merch through and acquired the Smosh brand after their parent channel, Defy Media, went into liquidation. They later announced the “Mythical Accelerator Fund,” which acquires ownership stakes in other social media stars’ businesses. So far, they’ve invested in Jarvis Johnson’s company, Daniel Thrasher’s channel, and The Sorry Girls.

Separately, Rhett and Link each have a net worth of $20 million. They both have houses worth roughly the same amount of money as well. Rhett and his wife, Jessie, bought their La Crescenta home for $1.425 million. Link and his wife, Christy, bought their La Crescenta home for $1.265 million, just about a mile from Rhett’s home.

Now, can one of them adopt us?!

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