'Selling the OC': Sean Palmieri Claims Tyler Stanaland Sent Him Flirty Texts After Brittany Snow Split

"If a heart emoji is inappropriate, then I'm inappropriate with everybody I text," Tyler said in a confessional.

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May 3 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

There's a lot of drama on Selling the OC Season 3, and a lot of it has to do with people allegedly being interested in Sean Palmieri. In addition to Sean claiming that agent Austin Victoria and his wife Lisa wanted to have a threesome with him, Sean also revealed that Tyler Stanaland was sending him flirty texts after his public split from ex-wife Brittany Snow in 2022.

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Not only did Sean mention these alleged texts, but he also pulled screenshots of them on his phone as he confronted Tyler about them in front of the whole office. We're talking about long paragraph texts between the two. So, what did these text messages say? We've got the details below.

What did the text messages Tyler sent to Sean say?

During Season 3, Tyler and Sean were not on friendly terms after getting into a fight at the bonfire because Sean claimed Tyler got all his listings from his dad, and Tyler countered him by saying Sean has never sold a house and that he was a fraud because he had marketing experience and not real estate.

While at an office outing at the Del Mar Horse Derby, tensions came to a head between Tyler and Sean.

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sean Palmieri sitting at a desk in the oppenheim group office
Source: Netflix

But before he confronted Tyler, Sean started spilling the tea to his co-workers Ali Harper and Alexandra Jarvis. He explained that he was angry that Tyler was allegedly going around calling him "psychotic." Sean explained that he and Tyler were once friends, and on the day that ex-wife Brittany dumped he, he was confiding in Sean and sending him screenshots of her.

Then Sean described the alleged three-hour phone call between him and Tyler following his split from Brittany, where he claimed that Tyler said: "No wonder you prefer masculine energy. Women are crazy. Let's go drinking."

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Sean continued to dish to Ali and Alexandra: "We'd hang out three times a week. He'd cook me dinners. All these things. It got to a point where I was like 'What is it?' because he's married, but he was sending gifts to my house."

When producers asked Sean about these gifts in a confessional, Sean explained it happened twice, and it was always liquor.

Sean also claimed Tyler would send him messages that said, "It feels like a lifetime if I don't hear from you for a day."

While Ali was hearing about this for the first time, Alexandra confirmed that she had seen these texts from Tyler before and felt that Tyler had a crush on Sean.

Then Sean took his phone out and started scrolling screenshots of messages between him and Tyler to show Ali. The messages were very long.

He started reading part of one message, as he showed Ali. "Because our friendship comes first no matter what. Love you long time," followed by a heart emoji. Sean noted that Tyler often used several heart emojis in their conversations.

Sean also alleged that when Tyler found out that Austin was also flirting with Sean (a detail that Austin denies), he told Sean to stay away from Austin and that Austin was in the closet.

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Tyler Stanaland
Source: Netflix

Sean claimed that Tyler even said, "[Austin] and Lisa give me swinger vibes." Sean also added that Polly and Alex Hall had also made comments claiming that Austin was experimenting with his sexuality.

Later in the episode, Sean decided to confront Tyler in front of their coworkers. He accused Tyler of spreading rumors about their friendship, saying that he was "psychotic". He added that Tyler had previously told him that he was his "best friend for life" and even sent him heart emojis.

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"If a heart emoji is inappropriate, then I'm inappropriate with everybody I text," Tyler said in a confessional.

Then Sean started going through screenshots of Instagram DMs, showing the group. He pointed out a video of two women drinking wine with their legs wrapped around each other that Tyler had sent him. Sean responded, "Is that us?" to which Tyler said, "That's the plan." The date on that message was marked March 26, 2022, and Tyler's response was circled in red.

As Sean went through these messages, Tyler grew more frustrated but never denied the messages or sent gifts to Sean.

Were the text messages between Sean and Tyler real?

Alexandra Jarvis claimed to the group that she had seen the messages between Sean and Tyler and they were real. But after Tyler and Sean's verbal altercation at the derby, some of the other women who previously believed Sean started to have doubts.

As Ali said "Every single time that he shows screenshots, he never lets you have his phone and read through them."

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sean jarvis kayla selling the oc
Source: Netflix

Kayla Cardona seconded that and said that when he had shown her the messages in the past, he never let her scroll up or down to read more. In fact, Ali, Kayla, Brandi Marshall, and Alexandra Rose began doubting whether the context in which Sean was presenting these messages to everyone was correct.

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Kayla also expressed that when Sean told her about the incident at Austin and Lisa's house, he said they all had dinner and Lisa had made edibles. But when Sean retold the story later, he denied that there had ever been edibles, which seemed like a major detail. It was unclear whether Sean had made that whole story up.

Sean also sent Tyler a cryptic text where he called him a rat.

Before the office outing at the derby, Tyler received an eye-opening text from Sean that was later shared on screen. The text, sent on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, at 2:34 PM, read: "I am not finished with you. You will not run away from what you started. You think you can throw me into the fire you started and fabricate lies about me for speaking the truth? You will see. The truth always wins, my friend. You are a rat."

Tyler read the text to his co-stars Gio Helou and Austin while golfing. At the time, he acted as if he had no idea what Sean was referring to. However, given what went down at the derby, Sean's mildly threatening text to Tyler makes more sense if, in fact, Tyler did engage in some flirtatious behavior, as Sean alleged. Ultimately, it's unclear who is telling the truth and who is lying. Only Sean and Tyler themselves know the truth.

Selling the OC Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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